A Note on the Text

This edition of the manuscript of The Journal of Emily Shore has been transcribed from the original surviving volumes preserved in the Special Collections Department at the University of Delaware Library. In order to offer the reader an accurate representation of the physical document, certain qualities such as page breaks, italicized lettering, breaks between entries, and stylistic marks made by the author indicating sectional divisions or imitating printed text have been noted. Elements such as illustrations, comments made by Emily’s sisters/editors, Louisa and Arabella Shore, and other editorial marks have been indicated according to their appearance in the MS and are accompanied by brief prose descriptions.

At times, portions of the MS text have been excised or rendered illegible either purposefully by the Shore sisters or inadvertently through damage to or deterioration of the volumes. The occurrences of these missing or unreadable portions of the text have also been indicated. Emily Shore’s spelling, punctuation, and capitalization have been transcribed as they appear in the MS and have not been standardized, including errors and inconsistencies made by the author. While many elements of the original MS are represented in the electronic edition, in the interest of readability, the lineation of the MS pages has not been retained.

James Webner
Tara Stern Moore