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Hayne, Isaac

Hichborn, Benjamin

Holbrook, Harriott Pinckney Rutledge (Mrs. John)

Horry, Daniel (Charles Lucas Pinckney)

Horry, Daniel (Charles Lucas Pinckney); and Horry, Harriott Pinckney

Horry, Daniel Huger, Jr.

Horry, Eleanore de la Tour-Maubourg

Horry, Eleanore de la Tour-Maubourg; and Horry, Daniel (Charles Lucas Pinckney)

Horry, Harriott Pinckney

Horry, Harriott Pinckney; and Rutledge, Harriott Pinckney Horry

Huger, Elizabeth Chalmers

Huger, Harriott Lucas Pinckney (Mrs. Francis)

Huger, Sarah Elliott

Hyrne, Henry

Lafayette, Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, (Marquis de),

Lucas, Anne Mildrum

Lucas, Capt.

Lucas, George

Lucas, George, Jr.

Lucas, Jonathan

Lyttelton, William Henry

Pinckney, Charles

Pinckney, Charles Cotesworth, (1746-1825)

Pinckney, Charles, (1699-1758)

Pinckney, Charles, (1732-1782)

Pinckney, Charles,(1699-1758)

Pinckney, Eliza Lucas

Pinckney, Elizabeth Motte (Mrs. Thomas)

Pinckney, Mary Stead (Mrs. Charles Cotesworth)

Pinckney, Thomas, (1750-1828)

Poyas, James

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