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Walter Brown to John Adams

6 May 1785

Sir Newcastle May 6.th. 1785—

I sincerily congratulate you on your first Arrival, to represent the Bravest People on the face of the Earth for there famous strugle \against Oppression/ and the Birth right of Mankind I have suffered for my Atachment to the Glorious cause of Civill Liberty in Britain, I have five the Youngest of Twenty one in Lawfull Wedlock, Nam’d after men Distinguish’d in America Civil and Melitary, Washington Frankland, Lawrence. &.C. I have letters from Messe. Lawrence and Weatherspoon encourageing me to go to America as I know the Course Linnen Manufacture from the Seed to the Needle, with all the best Apparatia’s therefor, and have plans for the good of the Southern and Northern Colonies, by which a Bond of Union riches and Comerce if intered into in a short time would rival Europe, and soon be enabled to Export after their own Conduct—I have at present overtures from Government, for some Experience to be made upon Sail Cloth. to the Navy Office by which it will Last one third Longer and one fifth easier wrought at Sea. and Prevent the Fatal Effects of Mildew in all Climates, I have the Misfortune to be in Prison for an unjust Debt Three Years and Nine Months I have now hopes soon to be clear’d by an insolvent Act, in which Lord Howe, and the Earle of Effingham, have inverted a Clause at my Desire, to prevente my Cruel unjust Creditor, from preventing me of my Liberty so soon as I know when I am to be clear’d I intend writing the Lorde of the Admirallity and the Gentlemen of the Navy Office. that I will repair, to them, at the said Offices and their give Ocular Demonstrations, of the imprvomts. if they enable me thereto— as already Encourag’d if Im enabled to go to America with my Family, with the above improvements I will chuse it rather, and their to resign my Breath, amongst a People, who has cut the greatest figure in History, Your Answer in Course will confer a Lasting Obligation on Sir,— Your Most Obt. Humbe. Servt.

Walter Brown

N.B. I sent a present to that hated Atrocious Creature Arnold, wich I hope he will remember while God allows that Wreach an Existance

(MHi: Adams Papers).
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