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Marquis de Lafayette to John Adams

8 May 1785

My dear friend  Paris May the 8th 1785

Inclosed you will find what I intended to Carry this morning—But the duke de Choiseül’s death which Happened [. . . .] prevented my going out of town— The bargain Has Been altered over and over, and I Have at last the following advantages— 1rly the Vessels may Be American 2dly The more precious part of the 1st called spermacity may be left out—3dly By the Contract it has with the American Society to obtain a diminution of duties which all lay at their charge—By the Passports not only foreign But also National duties are taken off, and all the Anchorage, pilorage and other plagues of the kind which Give the Undertakers an Extraordinary profit over and Above the Common profits of other people who are admitted to sell their oils.

If You think the Bargain is good, Your son might Carry the proposition to our New England friends, and take charge of the Samples of oil that will Be Ready to morrow—in which Case, I would promote His Meeting mr jefferson where a man of the police will attend at Whatever Hour in the Morning You please to Appoint—When you send Back the papers, I will show them to Mr jefferson and know from Him if it is Convenient we should wait upon Him, Your son, the police man and myself about ten in the Morning.

God bless you.


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