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John Adams to Thomas Jefferson

19 May 1785

Dear Sir Auteuil May. 19. 1785

Messieurs Wilhem and Jan Willink, Nicholas and Jacob Vanstaphorst and De la Lande and Fynje of Amsterdam, have lodged in the Hands of Messrs Van den Yvers, Bankers in Paris, one Thousand Pounds Sterling for the Purpose of paying for certain Medals and Swords, which Coll Humphreys has orders to cause to be made for the United States. This is therefore to authorize and to request you, to draw upon Messrs Van den Yvers, in favour of Coll Humphreys, for Cash to pay for those Medals & swords as they shall be made, not to exceed however the Said Sum of one Thousand Pounds Sterling.

With great Esteem I have the Honour / to be, dear sir, your affectionate / Colleague and most obedient / Servant

John Adams

DLC: Jefferson Papers.
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