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Jeremiah Allen to John Adams

3 Jun. 1785

Sir Boston June 3d. 1785

I have bought a Bill Drawn by the Honble Mr Dana on your Excellency for £357.16.9 Sterlg which I have endorsed & enclosed to my friends Messrs Cazalet & Sons of London, presuming from Intelligence you must be in London, to which Court, I understand you are appointed, also that you, and His Excellency Mr Jefferson are appointed joint Commissioners for Negociating a Commercial Treaty with His Imperial Majesty of all the Russias—when last I had the Honor of paying my Respects to you, I was on my Way to that Country and at that time form’d a small Commercial Connection with my friends Messrs Cramp & Cazalet of St Petersburg, and have Obtain’d considerable Bussiness from hence to that Capital Viz seven Ships last year and as many this, many more would have engaged if a Treaty had been made, or if remittances could be devised direct to that Country—as it is apparent the Europeans endeavor to put a stop to the Trade Therefore I am as an Individual a going to Russia in three Days from this, to endeavour to find remittances that will Answer both Countrys and if your Excellency will condecend to Write if a Treaty is, or is likely to be made and can aid me in any thing, I shall esteem it a very particular favor please to direct for me, to the Care of Messrs Cramp & Cazalet St Petersburg, I flatter myself I shall be there by the time any letter may arrive for me

The Honble Mr Dana shew me a part of your letter to him, requesting an account of the state of the fishery and foreign Trade I do myself the Honor to enclose what I have been able to collect relative to that matter—

Copy original [per] Scott

At Sea July 10 1785

Dear Sir

Above is a Copy of my last Respects [per] Scott, but as We had very bad weather, accident may have happen’d to him. Therefore I shall foward this from Elsingneur—If Scott arrives your Excellency will see by a Memorandum the Increase of our Fishery, and which will continue to increase—last year there were fifteen Hundred Sail from 40 to 70 Tuns and all did well—The Day before I sail’d, I heard our Court Were agoing to prohibit all Foreign Vessells from taking the produce of our Country and upon application found it was true; also it is the General sentiment of the Continent, and most, if not all but one or two States, are passing similar Laws or impowering Congress to make such Laws the other will of Course—As now every one sees, that Europe wishes to keep us from carrying their productions, and at the same time, they come and take ours—If, this plan is pursued, the Increase of Navigation must be insurence, for it is asserted that last year, five Hundred sail of large Foreign Ships, Were employ’d in the Southern Stat[es]

Of Course if they are precluded Ship building must be brisk, which at present is dull, owing to our not being permitted to Carry the productions of other Countrys, or even sell an American built Vessell—Your Excellency must clearly see, the propriety of this measure and if the about intentions are carry into execution, the demand for Hemp sail Cloth and Iron, must be to a great Amount, and Russia of Course is the only Country, Were you have these articles at first hand, and 20 nay some articles 50 [per] Ct Cheaper then Elsewere—From these Circumstances those who have the Honor of knowing Your Excellency feel themselves happy, that you and His Excellency Mr Jefferson, are appointed to Negociate with a power so important to Commerce, but Void of those Gewgaws which are useless to a Young Country—and We to the Northward doubt not your great Abillitys will be imploy’d for the best good of the Continent of America at Large

I must repeat my request your Excellency will condecend to Write me to the Care of Messrs Cramp & Cazalet—and if while at St Petersburg I can serve you or the Public in any way, you have but to command me

I am with sentiments of / Respect & Esteem your / Excellency’s Humble servt

Jeremiah Allen

PS. I believe the Letters for Russia must be frank’d

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