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J. D. Planter to John Adams

20 Jun. 1785

Honble sir, Liverpool June 20th.1785.

I flatter myself you will excuse this presumption, when I inform the business that led me hither—A native of England (late a resident in Virginia.) impowered me, under the seal of that state, to inherit & dispose of an Estate, in this Kingdom decending to him by Heirship—Application & Law’s inclination refuse me, as, Alien. I wrote for my employer to come over which has, and, by depositions of money, who are ready and willing to make Oath, that, he is son to such a one &c and as such Lawfull Heir to—deceas’d—The pretender claimant or presumptive heir, during his Admr. has taken up money on the Estate; Join’d with the Farmer, who delays attorning to him as Landlord, form the argument, that, they mean to withold as long as they can.—As I cannot think of staying till the matter is fully adjusted, I again, most humbly beg your Excellencies pardon, for the past & following enquiry— —

First, whether I can Justify myself before the council chamber of Virginia, without an indorsment, to signify the the validity of my commission, Or, whether, if I had fallen Heir to property in Brittain, during the late War (and resided in America) Does it fall within the lines of confiscation, without respect to native or Alien— —

The want of Money \or friends/ robb’d me of an Oppy. in making the enquiry by Law, the same inducements (through mere necessity) I indulge will plead your’s (at least) oppinion—I am no-Impostor here, and in my own Countrey can convince I rank amongst the sons of merits, in the Charr. of a Souldier in the U.S. Army. A Compliance in this, shall ever bind me to pray & Subscribe myself / Your Excellencies— / most Obedt. as well as / most Obliged Servt.

J. D. Planter

P.S. Left at the Post Office in Liverpool— [brace]

J. D. P

(MHi: Adams Papers).
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