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John Woddrop to John Adams

21 Jun. 1785

Sir, Bridge Street, of Glasgow, the 21st. day, of June, 1785. [brace]

When I knew your Excellency was in London, sometime ago; I did myself the honour for to write to you: at such time.

But as I could not then know, if such letter did reach your Excellency, owing to the Shortness of your stay in London, at that time; at the same time, I would like to know, if such letter did ever come to your Excellencys’ hand.

I do take upon me once more, to ask the favour of your Excellency to be indulged for to write this letter to you.  I shall be sorry in doing the same, I come under the misfortune, of doing any thing may be improper in me, by so doing.

In the year 1774.—I received a Copy of a Sentence, passed by the General Court in Virginia, in favour of James McCall, Merchant, in Glasgow. This Sentence was Against, one Robert Gorden, a Ship \master,/ in the Employ of Mr. James McCall, and a full Cousin of Mr. McCalls, Gorden, did administer on the Estate, of Robert Woddrop, who was my full brother, and dying Instestate, at Wiccocomica, in Northumberland County, in Virginia, where he had been resident for Sixteen Year’s, as a Mercht. & a factor, from Glasgow, in the Employ of Messrs:Samuel McCall, merchant, in Glasgow, and after the death of that Gentleman, my brother Continued in the Employ of his \Sons/ Missrs. John, & William McCalls, both Merchts. in Glasgow, and some time after, he was in the Employ of John, William, & James McCall, all three the sons of the above mentioned Mr. Samuel McCall. And on the above John, William, & James McCall, having broak up their partnership,—My said brother, Robert Woddrop, engaged anew, and entered into the Employ, of Mr. James McCall, who at such time, new settled merchant in Glasgow, and continued in this employ till he died, as I have been informed, on the Seventeen day, of May, 1767, Years, leaving a very fair and reputable Charracter behind him, and by all accounts, a Considerable Estate, Personal, Moveable, & of Real Estate.—

Pray Sir,—Is there a possibility of any manner of redress to me, by any appeal, and if there is, I humbly Sollicit your Excellency,—as Ambassador, of the States, of America, Provided you please to do it, for to point out to me, the mode, and manor, &c. I should proceed in, for to obtain redress, and to have the same transmitted to me, by your Excellency, with Your own first Conveniency.

I have chosed to give you a list, of a Number of several Gentlemen, who all know my said brother, Robert, as you may probably known them all, or the most of them, such of these Gentlemen, as are yet in life, can give information of my said brother Robert Woddrop, to all of whom, he was personally known, & well acquainted, &c With pure respect, & Esteem / I have the honour to be. / Sir, Your Most Obt. hum Servt.  

John Woddrop.

(MHi: Adams Papers).


His Exc: Honbl. George Washinghton— William Simpson, Esquire,

Honbl. Presly Thornton,  Robert Woddrop,

Benedict Calvert,  Anthony Stewart,

Colonel Thomas Ludwell Lee,  Cuthbert Bullet,

Richard Henry Lee,  William Brent,

Francis Lightfoot Lee  William Fitzhugh, Senior,

Henry Fitzhugh,  William Fitzhugh, Junior,

William Fitzhugh,  John Alexander,

Adam Stephen,  Francis Thornton,

John Baylor,  Ralph Wormley,

William Brockenborough,  Man Page,

Bernard Moor,  Worner Luves,

Revd: Henry Addison, A.M.  John Armistead,

Arthur Lee. F.R.S.  William Booth,

Doctor William Flood,  Henry Razor,

Richard Parker, Esquire,  Samuel Jennings,

John Turbervill,  Thomas Cummings,

Samuel Washinghton,  Stephen Sayne,

John Augustin Washinghton,  William Lee,.

I think the above Gentlemen, when all of them were in life, did all of them dwell, and were resident, in the States of Virginia, and of Maryland.

Which States, & the other Eleven States, who form the American Commonwealth, I pray to Almighty God, to have ever under his protection, & Wish them, & Great Britain, & Ireland, to leave in a happy, & perpetual flourishing friendship.

Any Service in my power to do your Excellency,—waits on your Commands. 

SignedJohn Woddrop.

the 21st:day, of June 1785.
In Glasgow.
(MHi: Adams Papers)
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