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The American Peace Commissioners’ Instructions to Charles William Frederic Dumas

28 Jul. 1785

Sir Paris July 28.th 1785.

A Treaty of Amity & Commerce between the United States of America & his Majesty the King of Prussia having been arranged by us with the Baron de Thulemeier his Majesty’s Envoy extraordinary at the Hague, specially empowered for this Purpose, & it being inconsistent with our other Duties to repair to that Place ourselves for the Purpose of exchanging & executing the Instruments of Treaty, we have delivered the same duly executed on our Part to the Bearer hereof William Short Esquire to be by him carried with other necessary Papers to the Hague. When arrived there we ask & authorize you to manage in Conjunction with him the Execution & Exchange of the Instruments of Treaty according to the Instructions which he recieves from us & will communicate to you. Your former Attention to the Interests of the United States, & Readiness to promote them give us an Assurance that you will not withold them on the present Occasion.

We have the Honor to be with very great Respect, Sir, your most obedient & most humble Servants


I Certify the within to be a true Copy of Instructions given by the American Ministers plenipotentiary to C. W. Dumas Esq.r

D. Humphreys Sec.ry

(MHi: Adams Papers).
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