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John Woddrop to John Adams

15 Aug. 1785

Sir, Glasgow the 15.th day, of August, 1785.—

I was in expectation of some answer from your Excellency to my former letters of the 22.d of the last month, &c.a I wish to r’ceive the same and soon, or at least to hear from you, if my letters come to hand, and how soon I may expect proper, & correct answers from your Excellency, to them.

I humbly beg you to forward the inclosed, to the Gentlemen, it is directed to,—and that you will excuse this freedom of desiring you to do so,—& the expence of paying the postage, in case you do send the letter, by the private Packet goes regularly from the port Office, in London, to Spain—.

The letter is left open, that your Excellency may know the Contents thereof.

I beg leave for to assure your Excellency,—I know of about to the number of 550,—or 600 Men, women, and children, all willing to engage for to go out to America.—On knowing what terms, & Conditions, they may expect to be settled on in that fine Country,—is the territorial property, of the thir\teen/ free, and the Unity States, of North America. Whom God, preserve &c.a

I have the honour to be / Sir / Your most obedient, humble Servant,

John Woddrop.

(MHi: Adams Papers).
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