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Lister Asquith to John Adams

19 Aug. 1785

Sir / [...] August 19th [1785]

As an Unfortunate has happened to us and being put of with several evasive answers concerning it and being subjects to Baltimore in America beg your Assistance as we have writ 3 Letters to the Embassador in Paris but never have had an Answer are affraid it is an underhand affair and all our letters stoppd as we put in here in great distress but I have not time to write the Particulars of this Affair hope you will do you utmost for us and write to Paris to know if ever they had any Letters from us and to take it into Consideration as we are going to Close confinement in a Prison in the Country to cut us from all correspondence with our Friends as I am sure they all want to get the Vessel and Cargo into their Hands and to confine us so that we can get not justice as the used ever since we were here to desire us to sign several papers but as they were French we declined to sign them so that now we are going directly to Prison we are all Americans an the Vessel \and Cargo/ American Property hope you will do your utmost to serve us directly as We expect to perish in some loathsome Prison by their Underhand Work / Your hble Servt

Lister Asquith

hope for Gods sake to do your utmost as soon as possible as we are certain every letter is stopd but these that come by English Vessels

(MHi: Adams Papers).
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