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John Woddrop to John Adams

25 Aug. 1785

Sir, [brace] Bridge—Street, of Glasgow, the 25th: of August, 1785.— [brace]

I wrote on the 17th. Current, and sent a letter under cover thereof, to William Lee, Esqr; I have wrote several letters to your Excellency, for some time by post, I hope I did no wrong in doing so.—I am sure the intention of my mind, was not so set.—

I give you the trouble of a letter, to his Excellency—the Honbl: George \Washington/ inclosed herein, I am to desire the favor of giving the said letter, to your Excellencys own particular care, to be forwarded, in the manner is the properest to come safe, & soon, to General Washington.

It is open for your Excellency to read, after which, I do beg the favor of your Excellency, to seal it up, & forward the letter. I also beg you will permit me, to forward the inclosed letter, to St: Lucar, in Spain.—I hope you will not take this freedom amiss, in me doing so. I most sincerely wish for to have an opportunity, for to receive any of the Commands, your Excellency, may ever find me any wise able to discharge the dutys of, for the advantage; of the United States of North America, and of yourself. With due Estimation, & perfect Respect.

I have the honour to be, & in sincerity, / Sir, / Your Most Obedient, Humble Servant,

John Woddrop.

(MHi: Adams Papers).
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