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Richard O’Bryen, Isack Stephens, and Zachrias Coffin to John Adams

27 Aug. 1785

Honoured Sir, Algir August the 27th. 1785

We The Subjects of The United States having Having the misfortune of Being taken by the Cruisers of Algires and has Been made Slaves of take the Liberty of Informing you of oure present Situation the Severities of which is Beyond youre Immaginition—

The Honourble Charles Logie Esqr. British Counsl. Has taken three Masters of Vessells of us Out &c. keep us at his house paying to The King of This port 2 dollrs. per month for us, per man—We were Stript & Left destitute of Every thing Hoping you will take oure Grivances into Consideration & make some Extra provision for Us Besides what the king of Cruelties allows otherwise My people will perish For I assure you it is impossible The Can Live—on what the are allowed—all other Nations Whose Subjects falls in the Hands of those Heathens allows Thiem two, or Three Dollars per Month The Winter approach’g and The Being Entirly Bare of Cloaths The will Be in A poor Missureable Situation

Hoping you will make oure Distressed Situation known to Congress and That The will Fall on Some plan for oure Speedy Redemption The Are fitting out at present and will Cruise to The No. of The Western Islands, and in The Mouth of The Channell The are well informed of oure Trade and will Spread all over the Atlantick

Ship Daupin Richd. OBryen Master Belonging to Mathew & Thomas Irwin Merchants of The City of Philadelphia—The Ship Daupin Was taken the 30th. July—from St. Ubes two days out Bound to Philadelphia, and is not yet arrivd. The Schooner Maria Isack Stepens Master Belonging to Mr. Wm. Foster & Co. of Boston taken The 24th. Capt. Zachriah Coffin was passenger in the Ship Daupin—Hoping you will Be So kind as to Write to Charles Logie Esqr. for his picular Sivillity to us, & to assist My men which is in a Misserable Situation—We are twenty one in the Number of Americans We remain youre Most Obedt. & Humble / Petitioners—

Richard O Bryen

Isack Stephens

Zachrs Coffin—

(MHi: Adams Papers).
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