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Samuel Tucker to John Adams

29 Aug. 1785

Much Estemed and very Deare Sir Trenton State of new Jersey 29th august 1785

Presumeing on your Zeale for Serveing the united States of North america and when ocasion may offer Every Individial Citezen theireof, who may have ocasion of Redress, also on the Lettle acquaintance I once had the Honour of makeing when at my House, in Trenton, I have Taken the Liberty of addresing you, in your Exalted Station on the most Interesting affaires Respecting myself and famely—

you must then be informed when the British Armey under the Command of General How Invaided this State I was advised their Design was was through this Town and being Informed it was Likely the Town might be burnt by one or other of the Contending Armies, as a Stand would be made here, which Induced me to Remove my Books and papers of Every kind, Together with my Plate, mine and my wifes Cloathes, with my Pheaeton and one horse into the County of Burlington five miles from this Town to the House of John and Samuel Abbott the most out of the way I Could then or Even now think of, General How with his armey arrived in Town, on Sunday the Eight of December 1776 about three oClock P.M I was out of Town by advice of his Excellency General Washington, on monday the ninth December a Detachment of about Twenty men or more Commanded by a Leiutenent Hackshaw Sent by Leiutenent Colonel Robert Abercromby from the farm of Mr Randle mitchel about Two miles from this Town, who were Conducted by a Mrs. Mary Pointing (a Disaffected Person to the Cause of the united States) to the House of Messrs Abbotts wheire they Took all my Effects and Carreed them to the House of MrsMitchell wheire Colonel Abercromby Quartered among which was all my Title Deeds Six Day Books and three Ledgers, all my Letters, my Plate Cloathes Pheaeton and Horse (at the Same Time my wife had General Hows Protection and he was Quartered in my House) Besides a great number of Bonds Mortgages &c with a great number of other Books and papers belonging to myself and other Estates in Trust in my hands as Executor which Colonel Abercromby Carreed of Except one more Day Book and Ledger which was in my Chest of Cloathes after Takeing out the most valluable part he Sent the Chest to my house to my wife who was at home Sick with the most of my famely in the same Candition, I Recovered a Small part of my papers at the Surprize at Princetown, Left in Colol abercrombys Room Scattered on the flour in the house of the Late Richard Stockton Esqr now Deceased, but the most found theire was of the Lessor Consequence—I wrote to Coln abercromby Just at the Evacuation of new York who Emediately Sailed for England and gave me no answer, I have Sence Sent a Power of attorney to Messrs Robert Milligan & Company merchants in London by the Revrd Docter wetherspoon who have advised me they Received the same but give me Little hopes of any Success, as by the Definetive Treaty all Deeds and Records of any kind belonging to the Publick or to any Indivedal are to be Restored, I must Intreat you will Interfeare on my behalf so far as to git my Deeds Books and other papers, as he Took the whole Title for Six hundred acres at bedford in the State of new York also the Title for the House I Live in and a Large Farm in this Township and three farmes in the County of Sommersett besides a great number of other Deeds, I have Sent Mr Milligan a minute List of all the Deeds who I Dare Say will Do Everything in his Power for my Benefit, your Endevours to obtain me the necessary Redress will be most gratefully Acknowledged / by your assured friend and Most / obedient Humbl Servt

SamL Tucker

PS Leuit Coln Robert Abercromby Commanded the Light Infantry and was Promoted to a Brigadear General before he Left america

(MHi: Adams Papers).
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