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William Wenman Seward to John Adams

1 Sep. 1785

Sr. No. 6. warwick street Charingcross 1. Septr. 1785

Haveing perused the ordinance of the United states dated 20th. May last, concerning the disposal of lands in the Western Territory; and finding that [thorn: ye] money arising from the sale thereof is to be applied to the discharge of the Debt incurr’d by that Country dureing the late War: I feel the strongest desire of contributing my mite, toward the benefit of a People, who deserve so much from every friend to the common rights of mankind.

Unconnected however with any person there, thro’ whom I could receive the necessary intelligence, I hope you will excuse the freedom of this application, by which I would request being informed, if a purchase of pa[rt] of the Lands might be compleated, & how—without the immediate presence of the Purchaser.

I think I might relie on the integrity of any Agent or Agents appointed by the States, or thro’ your recommendation, with respect to that business: and wish only to know the most proper & easy mode of conducting it.

Tho’ any service which thro’ this means I could render to America might possibly be small, when compared to that of others; yet certain I am, she can never receive from an individual more warmly attach’d to her Interests.—Nor do I doubt there will he found many of my fellow Countrymen (of Ireland)—who tir’d with oppressions wch. dayly accumulate, will at last seek an Assylum amongst the sons of Freedom; and be no longer deluded with that species of Liberty, whose existence is only in Name.

Accept of every Apology wch can be made for the freedom I have taken;—I trust my public charracter (if known to you) will satisfie you as to the sincerity of my intentions:—and believe me to be wth. greatest respect—/ Sr. / Yr. most Obedt. / very humb. Servt.

Wm: Wenman Seward

(MHi: Adams Papers).
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