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John Adams to James Bowdoin

2 Sep. 1785

Sir. Grosvr: Square. 2d. sepr. 1785.

Permit me to congratulate your Excellency on your election to the Chair of the Massachusetts, and to introduce to you Mr: Storer, a Gentleman who has lived sometime in my family at the Hague, in Paris & in London. He will be able to give you, in conversation, an account of the State of our affairs at this Court & in this Country, in greater detail than it would be convenient for me to write. As he has assisted me in copying so many of my papers, he is in confidence well acquainted with their Contents—

The Massa: has often been wise & able: but she never took a deeper measure than her late navigation-act. I hope she will persist in it thro’ every difficulty & discouragement—even altho’ she shd. be alone in it. I depend upon it, however, that the other States will follow her example in time; altho’ it may be longer than we wish before some of them will be ripe for it— —This measure will either convince G: Britain of her Error in her injudicious embarassments of the Commerce between the two Countries; or it will have still greater & better effects: it will increase our navigation & freights untill they become a great source of wealth: it will erect a bulwark of defence round about us by multiplying our seamen; & it will be a strong cement of affection & interest among all the U: States—at least this is the light in which it appears to me—Tis thus that the blindness of Britain will open our eyes.

I have the honor to be, Sir, / Yrs: &c: &c:

(MHi: Adams Papers).
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