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John Adams to C. and R. Puller

3 Sep. 1785

Gentlemen Grosvenor Square Septr. 3. 1785

I return you Mr Bakers Account.— — —it Seems to me to be very large Sum, 105£: 13s: 6d for the Service, that was done in Simply removing my Small Quantity of Goods from the Vessell to my House. Sensible that I was not however an adequate Judge, I have Shewn it to others who are acquainted with Such Things and they think it extravagant. They have made marks against Some Articles, which they think overcharged or wholly unnecessary.

After all, I can do no other, than leave it to your Judgment to pay the whole of it, or Such Part of it, as you can compound for, and charge it to Messieurs Willinks and Van Staphorsts, to be by them charged to the United States of America, as Expences of Ministers. I must desire you at the Same time, to Send one Copy of the Account with a Receipt upon it to them and another to me.

I have received another Letter from Mr Garvey at Rouen with a Bill of Lading of Seven Cases of Wine, the Remainder of my Baggage, Shipped on board the Sophie, Capn Matt. Knight to your Care. When it arrives, I Shall depend upon your Goodness to Send it me.

(MHi: Adams Papers).
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