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M. C. Van Voorde to John Adams

6 Sep. 1785

My Lord! Gent 6th. September 1785

it is with the most humble Sincerity that I take the freedom to direct your Lordship, this my humble petition with the Surest Confidence and no less depending upon that Kindness of which I am assured from Your Excellency! by [Conmodore Nl.

Gillar] Charleston, Mr. Wm. Bell a[t] philadelphia, Miss Beckwith, and more other american friends of great Consideration, to present your Lordship! a proof that I have had the honnour to direct in the year 1779 to the high honnourables States of South Caroline Several marchandizes and an Considerable Sum of money, this all upon Conditions and Ratify’d With Bonds, that we Should be exactly Reimbursed With the term of one year. Being Expired the 1st. Febry: 1781 and like it was not in my power My Lord! to bear Such Considerable Sums of my proper funds, nevertheless my inclination Extends to Sustain the honnourable States, and though that I am but a delicate and weakly Constitution’d woman, I have Spend with my husband Peter Buyck, both my fortune and Blood and therfore incouraged Some of my friends to Second me in assisting Said honnourable States, and[promisetud] them it only Should be for one year according Mr. Gillon’s Bonds. above that I have Be Bound. to leave my other affairs therefore I received in Several times great thancks, every thing being guided. According their desires, But til yet my Lord! I received no remittances or products of there Lordships! which Bridle me Extremly in our ordinary trading and Exposes me Self not to be able to do honnour on Such Bills as my husband as accepted and be obliged to accept Because the time is so long past that the Honnourables States! do not direct me any remittances either in products or Bills of Exchange

I had Expected to have the honnour to entertain your Lordship upon it verbally in Expectation that I Shall be Speedly help’t by your Excellencies intercession. But! melancolly has Squised my heart and occasion’d me great Sorrow and foresee not to be Cured before that I am Consolated. your Lordship! Can easely Conceive in what Circumstances, even need and uncertainty I find my Self now I Sacrificed my whole fortune to Succour Said honnourables Gentlemen. I have Since deliberate to direct my Son (though young) with a Clerk to Charlestown to Expedie my affairs their and to humbly Supplicate personally the honnourable States! to obtain the required payments from there high Lordships! those gentlemen have done to me great promises but yet not Executed. Which Causes a great revolution in my affairs and my husband Shall be obliged in his great age to leave this Continent and to undertake a Voyage to america. Since I have no Sufficient news of my Son and is Companion my Clerk this Being authorised with an revocable procuration to negociate Jointly with my Son for my intr’ests. on whom according advice I may not rely as being informed of this by Several of my friends, therefore I Should desire my Lord! to recall the Said Clerk if I was but an little instructed of the Laws of that Land because according his engagement past between us and him he is obliged during four years to go to any Such places (the east-indies Excepted) where I Should direct him

I have ordered by Several lettres the mentionn’d Clerk nam’d Frãns Ryckbosch to Come to amsterdam Which are all well arrived and remitted to him And he is sill this Day in Default Which also Makes an debility to his engagement, it is to this Subject my Lord! that I Schould Wish to be instructed by an Right way to force him there to.

it is an importunity of me my Lord! to dare incumber your Lordship! With Such Supplications if my heart was not appeased with Sureness that your Excellency as no more pleasure there to Succour those who do their Business with Justice and honnesty on all this Subjects I very humbly Supply my Lord! to grand me an account of the means where of my husband must Serve himself of 1sly. to obtain Such payments as there own to him by the honnourables States; 2dly. to Call my Clerk out of my house at Charleston and oblidge him to imbark himself for amsterdam at my [. . .]

My husband being of intension to take passage for Charlestown with the first occasion either from amsterdam or any other place it would be very happy to him to obtain of your Excellency! and lettre of recommandation to the honnourable Lords! of the State or to Such gentlemen as your Excellency Should thinks proper.

Confiding me in your Lordships! diligent Sentiments I have the honnour to be with the Sincerest Respect / Of your Excellency / My Lord! / The most humble obedt. Servant

M: C: Van Voorde. / Spouse of Dr: Buyck

in the absence of my husbant who is yet in holland.

(MHi: Adams Papers).
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