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John Adams to Richard Henry Lee

7 Sep. 1785

Sir Grosvenor Square Septr. 7. 1785.

Mr. John Wingrove, will have the Honour to deliver you this Letter. I have enquired of him concerning your Friend Mr Thomas Steptoe.

Mr Wingrove has been four Times in the East Indies, has been in China in Calcutta the principal Settlement of Bengal, and may probably be possessed of much Information respecting the Commerce of those Countries.

He is acquainted with the European Factories and Settlements in the River Heugly, the Westerly Branch of the Ganges, English, French, Dutch, Portuguese Danish. I hope Soon to hear of an American Factory there, and that Mr Steptoe is employed in it, to the Advantage of his Country. I beg Leave to introduce Mr Wingrove, to your Civilities.

(MHi: Adams Papers).
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