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Thomas Barclay to John Adams

9 Sep. 1785

Dear Sir Paris 9 Sepr. 1785

I wrote you some time ago by M. Harrison who passed from hence to London, informing you that M. Bondfield of Bordeaux had Drawn a Bill on you for about 400 livres, and desired to know whether I shou’d pay it or Not—Never having received an answer I did not pay the bill—When I sent you the wine from the Celler at Auteuil, I made some Misstake in putting one kind of wine for another, your son promised to put it right, and I think he told Me at Lorient that he left the Memorandum with you or Mrs. Adams. If you will give it to Col: Franks he will state the account between us, as I shall Not I think have the pleasure of seeing you before I leave France— At foot I shall Note the prices of each article—M Grand some time ago paid on your account Horutesier of Rouen \& Cos/ order on you for 40 livres, and it is placed to your public account, you will therefore give Credit to the United States for it, or direct Me to repay M. Grand, who acted by an order from Docr. Franklin—Inclosed is M Grands Bill at sight on Louis Tessier for Twenty one Guineas, Col: Franks will Call on him for the Money and pay it to you, I intended writing this letter by him, (Col F) but I had Not time— I Beg you will make My Best wishes acceptable to Mrs. and Miss: Adams and Belive Me with great Truth. / Your sincere / and obedient servant.

Thos Barclay

(MHi: Adams Papers).


Rhenish 3 livs. [per] Bottle

Madeira at 2 livs. 10 sols [per] Bottle

Claret—2 livres—

Burgondy 2 livres—[brace]

Common Burgondy 24 sols [per] Bottle

Frontignac 2 livres—

Muscat—2 livres—[brace]

2c. Tea at Paris 8 livs. [per] Pound

10c. Do. from Lorient a 6 livs. per

Tin Cannister I think 4 livs—[brace]

2c. Pekoe— say 4 livs. [per sign] pound—

2c. souchong —say 4 livs. [per] pound—

The China Cost at L’orient 730 livs.

The Carriage to Paris about 60 livs

Postage 28 livres—

The Porter I suppose was Not good for much, it must be put at 6 sols [per] Bottle, the price of the Empty Bottles—the Quality did Not answer My Expectations.

The Bill which is Inclosed is to pay the Money you sent Mrs. B: as I Know Not how the Accot. will stand when settled.

(MHi: Adams Papers).
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