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James Warren to John Adams

6 Oct. 1785

Dear Sir Milton Octr 6th. 1785

I wrote you very lately, & very largely, without any Interested views but what arise from the pleasure of Corresponding with a Man, whose Confidence, & Friendship, I have long Experienced, and wish to Continue, The design of this is to Engage your Interest in a matter which I wish Exceedingly to accomplish. Applications to great Men are Taxes which they must submit to. your rank & Influence and the Claim I have on your Friendship are the only apologies I shall make I shall say nothing of the qualifications & Merits of my Son Winslow. you know him & I flatter myself from some Circumstances that you have already formed a favourable Opinion of them. He went to Lisbon with great & well founded Expectations of being appointed the Consul there, & still remains there with such Expectations. Congress have delayed the appointment untill a Commercial Treaty should be formed. by a Letter from my Friend Gerry Last Evening I am Informed they now have it in Contemplation & probably will Appoint the foreign Ministers Consuls General, & leave the appointment to the several Ports with them, & that Lisbon will fall into the department of Mr Jefferson, will you write to him, & use your Influence to gratify me in the acquisition of this small favour. if the profits of the office [should not] be large, it will give him Consequence, and assist him in his other Business. A disappointment would Mortify & Injure the feelings of a Young Man as well as give A Triumph to my Enemies after the matter has been so long talked off.

I think I have done some services to my Country, & had a Considerable Share (I mean for an Individual) in the American Revolution. if Winslow succeeds, it will be the only reward to & the only place at present held or Expected at present by any of the Family. you will make my sincere regards to Mrs. Adams & Love to Nabby. & beleive me to be as usual with great Esteem / Your Friend &c


will you be so kind as to forward the Inclosed by some speedy & safe Conveyance. &c

(MHi: Adams Papers).
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