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John Adams’ Accounts from 31 May to 8 October 1785

8 Oct. 1785


July 9. 1785

approved Mr C Lotters account against the United States amounting to f451: 9s: 0d to be paid by MM. Willinks & Van Staphorsts, as properly chargeable to the United States, being for Articles of necessary Expence in my Absence from the Hague upon other Services, at Paris.

Aug. 9. 1785.

Wrote a Letter of Credit for Coll Smith, to Messrs Willinks and Vanstaphorsts, that they might honour his Draughts for Money if he should have occasion, to be charged to the United States as part of his Salary as Secretary of Legation to the Ct. of G. Britain.

Aug. 11. 1785

drew an order on Mesrs C. & R. Puller in favour of William Short Esq for Thirty Guineas, to be charged to Messrs Willinks and Van Staphorsts to be by them charged to the United States of America, being for Mr Shorts Expences in carrying to Baron de Thulemeier the Treaty with Prussia.

Aug. 11. 1785.

Wrote a Letter of Credit to Messrs Willinks and Van Staphorsts to furnish Mr Short with Money, necessary to defrey his Expences back to Paris.

8. July 1785.

By Letter of this date from Messieurs Willinks and Vanstaphorsts they paid Mr Dumas Bill for inventory packing and transporting my Furniture from the Hague to Rotterdam \in their Way to London/ 522 florins, 9s: 8d.

Septr. 3. 1785.

Wrote a Letter to Messrs C and R. Puller to pay Mr Thomas Bakers Account, for the transportation of my Baggage from the Vessells to my House. 105£:13s: 6d St. to be charged to U.S. as Expences of Ministers.

Sept: 16. 1785

drew an order on Messrs C. & R. Puller for seventy five Guineas, in favour of David Franks Esq, to be charged to Messrr Willinks & Van Staphorsts of Amsterdam to be by them charged to U.S. being for Expences and Disbursements for US. Mr Franks to be accountable to Thomas Barclay Esq. Consul General of U.S. in France.

Oct. 6. 1785.

drew an order on Messrs R. & C. Puller, for 30 Guineas payable to the Bearer, who was Coll Franks for his Expences in the service of U.S. he to be accountable to Mr Barclay.

Oct. 7.

Acepted Mr Barclay’s Bill favr Mr Grand for 120£ St. to be paid at R. & C. Pullers. at Usance

London May 31. 1785. Recd of Messrs R. & C. Puller 200 Guineas on Acct of Messrs Willinks of Amsterdam . . . .

sterling 210: 0: 0

July 9

drew an order on M.M. Willinks and Van Staphorsts in favour of Christian Lotter for 398 \guilders/ :16s:2d in full for his Acct to be charged as Part of my Salary

July 9

Recd of Messrs Pullers two hundred Guineas and gave two Rects—to serve for one

210: 0: 0

July 21

accepted Mr Danas Bill for 357£:16s:9d dated Cambridge June 4. 1785, 30 days Sight. 1st. of the sett. to be paid at the House of Charles & Richard Puller in Broadstreet Buildings. This was for my Sons Expences in his Journey with Mr Dana to Petersbourg and ought to be allowed by the United States, as to Mr Danas private Secretary.

357:16: 9

Aug. 6.

drew an Order on Messrs Pullers for 200 Guineas to be charged by Messrs Willinks & Van Staphorsts as part of my Salary.

210: 0: 0

Sept. 14.

Drew an Order on Messrs Pullers for 200 Guineas to be charged by Willinks &Co as part of my Salary

210: 0: 0

Oct 8

drew an Order on MM. Pullers for 200 Guineas of my Salary—

210: 0: 0

(MHi: Adams Papers).
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