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Wilhem & Jan Willink and Nicolaas & Jacob van Staphorst to John


23 Dec. 1785

Sir, Amsterdam the 23d: Xber 1785

We have before us Your Excells. most Esteemed favour of the 13h. Instt. and have taken Duely Notice of the acceptances Made by Your Excells. to whom all honour will be done by Messr. Puller.

We observe what Your Excells. is pleased to Say about the Credit of £1000 Stg. in favour of Mr. Jesferson, of Which We Made mention in Our \Last/ Letter, Messr. Van den Yver freres & Co. of Paris Wrote us in date 18 Novembr. the Following. “Mr. Jesferson vient de nous remettre une Lettre de Credit que Son Excella. Monsr. Adams Lui a laisse ici a la Veille de son depart pour Londres, De Mille Livres, Sterlings, a Compte des quels il a fourni Sur nous Au Colonel Humphrys un mandat que Voici de . . . . . . . . . . . £6500. —

que Nous Lui arons paye, & dont nous

Vous debittons Avec La Commr. Ordinaire a 1 pct. 65. ——

£6565. —

dont Nous, disposerons par Occasion, la, Lettre, de Monsieur Adams porte que vous dever porter Les dittes Mille Livres Sterlings, Si on en dispose Au Compte du Congres”

It is not impossible Sir that thro your many Transactions, this is Escaped your Memory, as The Bill of £6500. Drawned by Mr. Tho Jesferson, in dte. of 16 Novr. and Signed by Mr. D Humphrys reposes into our hands—.

As the Time for advertising the Payment of the Intrest of the 2 Mns. is drawing Near, and we, have not received any orders there about from the Commissioners We Shall be Very glad to receive yours, thereon, to proceed in Consequence.

We have the Honour to Remain with due respect / Sir / Your Excells. most Obedt. humble Servants

Wilhem & Jan Willink

Nichs. & Jacob van Staphorst

RC (MHi: Adams Papers).
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