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John Adams to Mr. Grand

20 May 1786

Sir Grosvenor Square May 20: 1786

On October 8th: 1785 I accepted a Bill. N 2 for 100£. at usance—drawn by Mr Barclay in favour of Nicho. Darcell or order.

Oct. 17. Accepted a Bill of Mr Barclay for 100£. St. to the order of Mr Grand.

Novr 12. accepted three Bills of Mr Barclay N. 5 & 6 & 7. at usance—first of the Sett. to the Order of Mr Grand each for 100£ St.

Decr 13. Accepted a Bill N 11 of Mr Barclay for 100£St. dated Paris December 7. 1785. at usance. 1st. of the Sett in favour of the Order of Mr Grand.

March 11. 1786 accepted a Bill of Mr Barclay in favour of the Order of Mr Grand for one hundred Pounds St. at 30 Days Sight. 1st. of the Sett. marked Letter A. not numbered, dated Bayonne, indorsed to Lane Son & Fraiser.

Perhaps one of the foregoing is the Bill you alluded to. I have not by my Books accepted any other Bills of Mr Barclay, for 100£.

if either of them has not been paid, upon its being presented, it will be paid.—I have not recd. from Mr Barclay, advice of any other Bills or Bill drawn by him, but those that I have accepted.

I am Sir, with much Esteem / your most humble servant

John Adams

RC (MHi: Adams Papers).
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