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John Adams to Samuel Partridge

25 May 1786

Sir May 25th. 1786.

I yesterday received yours of the 6th. of April & have scarcely time to advise you, before the sailing of Capt. Bigelow that I have received from Congress the papers relative to the Goods taken by order of General Howe—I feel for you & your fellow sufferers whose case is as hard and unjust as can well be conceived: but as my orders are discretionary as to the time of applying I am much embarrassed—I am not to apply without a prospect of success: Now so far from having any prospect of success, I am certain of having none, in short I was never in my Life in a situation so discouraging as at present, Knowing that many thousands of my friends & fellow Citizens are looking to me for relief from distresses of various Kinds and at the same time seeing & feeling that I have it not in my power, to afford them the least—whatever may be practicable, with my feeble powers forces, you may depend upon shall be done!

but it would be cruel to deceive you with false hopes and I assure you I have myself no real ones—My Countrymen have not yet any adequate Idea, how general, how universal an unfavourable disposition towards them, is in this Kingdom—I am

J. A—

LbC (MHi: Adams Papers).
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