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Joseph Barrell to Charles Adams

12 Jul. 1795

July 12. 1795=

Your favour of the 19 June I never received ‘till two days past—I have no demand on Mr Avery but for his protested Bill wch I expect to receive if he is able to pay it from him, with the customary damages in Bills of Exchange, if he is not able, then Mr Jno Atkinson who has guaranteed his Debt must make it good, & when I apply to Mr Atkinson, perhaps the Security you mention may be necessary & to wch I am perfectly willing to submit to, but in the present state of the Matter Mr Averys Bill speaks for itself, it is for value received & must rest upon the same grounds of all Bills of Exchange I beg therefore he may be sued in the Federal Court, that I may know without further delay whether I am to receive the Amt from Avery or Mr Atkinson, for ‘twas to prevent trouble to my friend Atkinson who I have no doubt guaranteed the Debt out of friendship

I know there is scarcely ever an End to a law suit with a litigious person That Avery is such an one I have no doubt but if any thing is clear from Chicanery, it must be notes of hand & Bills of Exchs. & what can his attornies do by sending to Halifax it appears to me the Notary Public of that place has already done all that can be required in Law, by solemnly protesting it. & all the difficulty now is, whether Avery is solvent—you will consult Mr Atkinson upon all the matters for ‘tis to him I finaly look & he being on the spot will do all that is needfull—

LbC (MHi: Adams Papers: Joseph Barrell Letterbook, 1792-1797); internal address: “Cs. Adams.”
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