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Joseph Barrell to Charles Adams

25 Sep. 1795

NYork Septr 25th 1795

I recd your favour of 13 Instt. & cannot but wonder you shoud institute a Suit upon account that was settled in preference to a plain Note of hand on Bill of Exchange, indeed if it had been delayed presenting for ten years there might have been some\thing/ reason, but in the present case I can’t help thinking of Dean Swifts discription of a law suit in his Gullivers Travels. I send you inclosed copys of the entrys in my Books & the settlement of the account there, I was my own Clerk, having always from my first entry into life kept my own Books, if it is necessary the Gentleman you mention or any other assertain this fact it shall be done, I send also the copys of the Letters I wrote Avery from here to Mr Chipman upon this Bussiness, & if necessary can the copy of the Letters I wrote Avery from time to time on this Matter but this appears to me such needless round of about way that I wish to avoid it if possible, as all these matters Mr Atkinson coud have informed you off, as he has himself written to Halifax on the Business & lately received of Avery who agreed to pay by installments two payments to what amt. he can inform you—& it was upon his refusing to comply with this agreement, that made it necessary to protest his Bill, & if you will advert to his Bill you will find it is drawn in a way that made no time no time of presentment necessary, as it is to be paid after receit of a certain matter by Mr Chipman wch you find by Mr Chipmans protest, he has not rec’d to this day, I concluded the papers now sent wch may be authenticated if necessary, will set the matter in a true light & shew the demand fair & just, I wish you to consult Mr Atkinson on this matter for it is his concern intirely—

LbC(MHi: Adams Papers: Joseph Barrell Letterbook, 1792-1797); internal address: “Cs Adams NYork.”

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