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Elizabeth Smith Shaw to Abigail Adams

31 Oct. 1795

My Dear Sister Haverhill October 31st 1795

I have this \moment heard/ Mr & Mrs Black is in town, & going out again immediately but I would not let slip this favourable opportunity of sending directly to you—I have omited writing before, as I wished to see Mr Peabody, & inquire of him if he knew of any place worth purchasing—I have inquired of Mr Tucker, & others—but can find none, not any, but what will want constant repairs, & not so good as what I now have—you understood me right when I said, I wanted the interest for my own use, & Childrens, & the principal secured to them, when I am gone, & they stand in the greatest need of it—Mr Peabody says he will sign any obligation which is reasonable & my friends think proper—If Mr. Adams likes to purchase, I should feel willing to sell it, but not to any body else, because I think it might be an injury to you—

And if Dr Tufts or my sister should think it best to sell, I am willing, or if it is best to convert flockley for the purpose of building, I submit entirly to the better judgments of my friends having confidence in Dr Tufts that he will do for me what he would for a Child—I suppose if it could be vested in publick securities it would neat more than it now does, & nothing but a re...tution in Government could hurt, me I think, but I leave the matter to Folks that know better than I—If it is sold, I chuse Capt Brooks to be a judge of the value—if you chuse one, let them two chuse another for the purpose—perhaps that will be a good way—

I can truly say, if it was not for building I should rather let things remain as they are, than have so much upon my head heart, & hands now—but I know not how to spare the interest, or sink the principal—for my family will I am sensible, be a great addition to his, & if he gives us all food, I know he is not able to find us all raiment—without injury to his own family—which he loves, as well as I do mine—

I am sorry, to hear you have not enjoyed your health so well as usual, may heaven restore it, and make you still a rich blessing to all arround you, prays your affectionate Sister

Elizabeth Shaw

excuse this haste / my love to all—

RC (MHi: Adams Papers).
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