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Thomas Boylston Adams to C. J. M. De Wolf, 11 Nov. 1795

11 Nov. 1795

Sir The Hague November 11th. 1795

In reply to your favor of 5th. current I have the Satisfaction to inform you, that you are now at liberty to dispose upon the Bankers at Amsterdam [. . . ] the pecuniary affairs of the United States [. . . ] for the amount of interest, which will fall due the first of December ensuing, upon the Loan of the United States negotiated by you at Antwerp.

A Letter from those Gentlemen received this day, acquaints me, that under the [. . . ] of realizing in each, the last remittance, made them by the Treasury Department, they will authorize you to [. . . ] upon them for the amount of the interst due next month by the United States at Antwerp.

I have taken the earliest occasion to communicate this intelligence to you, that your dispositions may be made conformable thereto.

I have the honor to be, sir

LbC(CtHi: Wolcott Papers); internal address: “T. B. Adams to [. . . ] De Wolf.”

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