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Wilhem & Jan Willink and Nicolaas & Jacob van Staphorst &

Hubbard to Thomas Boylston Adams

2 Dec. 1795

Sir! Amsterdam 2 December 1795

We have before us your esteemed favor of 11th: Ultimo, to which we have duly attended.

Mr. Monroe has received the Amount of the Bill ƒ 300.000.— on Messs: Dallarde Swan & Co. of Paris, that was remitted to us by the Treasury, to face the Antwerp Interest and the other Engagements of the United States, but He has not yet forwarded us the Silver, owing as He says, to a delay in obtaining the permission of the French Government, to send us same; which delay He attributes to the new Organisation, of the Administration of that Country.

The protraction however, having extended a Considerable Time beyond the Introduction of the new System, and having now as little certainty as from the beginning, of the Silver speedily reaching us, We are necessitated to entreat you to make us Provision or Remittances to face the ƒ270.000.— Interest due here the 1st: January next by the United States, and to do it without Delay, the Period approaching fast, when it has been usual for us to advertise such Payments;

You are too well acquainted with the delicacy of credit, not to be convinced, that a departure from our accustomed punctuality, would give rise to reflexions inimical to the high Confidence your Gouvernment actually enjoys in this Country: wherefore we firmly rely upon your acquiesence to our present Request, more especially as we assumed the large Sum for payment of the Antwerp Interest, solely at the very earnest desires of your Brother, who assured us, He had in his power other means to provide for it, which other means He will doubtless have left in your hands, that you may avail yourself thereof, to support unsullied the Credit of the United States in Holland, An object of far greater magnitude and Importance, than would have been a temporary Suspence of the Antwerp Interest, that had already suffered a postponement, without any injury to the United-States.

We are with great Regard / Sir! / Your mo: ob: hb: Servants

Wilhem & Jan Willink

N & J. Van Staphorst & Hubbard

RC(MHi: Adams Papers); internal address: “Thomas B. Adams Esqr. at the Hague.”

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