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Thomas Boylston Adams to James Monroe

4 Dec. 1795

Sir. The Hague 4 December 1795

The Bankers of the United States at Amsterdam, have called upon me to make them provision or remittances to face the sum of 270.000. florins which will become payable on behalf of the United States at Amsterdam, the first of next month.

The reason assigned by these Gentlemen for this demand, is, that the proceeds of the Bill, drawn on Messrs: Dallarde Swan &Co: which they understand to be in your hands, cannot yet be forwarded to them in Specie, owing to some obstructions arising from the new order of things in France.

They add further, that the period is fast approaching, when it has been usual for them to advertise such payments as this in question, and therefore request me to use no delay, in complying with their demand.

As I am totally incapable of answering this call, and even doubtful of my authority to authorize the Bankers, to take any steps for securing a provision for this payment, which shall incur new burdens to the United States; I am under the necessity of representing to you Sir, the importance to the interest & credit of the United States in this Country, that a remittance of the 300.000. florins now in your hands should be effected, before the first of January; & to entreat you most earnestly to use every exertion in your power, to obtain permission from the French Government to this end.

I have the honor to be &ca:

LbC (CtHi: Wolcott Papers), enclosure in TBA to Oliver Wolcott, 6 Jan. 1796); internal address: “T. B. Adams to James Monroe Esqr.”

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