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Wilhem & Jan Willink and Nicolaas & Jacob van Staphorst &

Hubbard to Thomas Boylston Adams

16 Dec. 1795

Sir! Amsterdam 16 December 1795.

We have before us your esteemed favor of 11 Inst. which gives us pleasure, in sofar as We now find, you are well acquainted with the situation of the Accounts between the United States and us; The only knowledge necessary to insure us the justice We merit, in the conduct of their Business under our Gestion.

Your objection to our fixed principle, that “it is perfectly \equival and/ indifferent to us, to be without any remittances at all, as to possess only such as are not susceptible, of a certain realization, or of entering into our Coffers only after the expiration of many Months” is only applicable where the Confidence placed in a Debtor is circumscribed, and that good solid Remittances altho’ of a long and even uncertain realisation, afford such a collateral and additional security as to induce an extension of Credit or Trust: But it cannot validate in our case, because our confidence in the United States, being unlimited, no security is capable or wanting to strengthen it. This must however from the Nature of things, be subordinate to our temporary means, and this indisputable point is all We contended for.

Inclosed you have Copy of a letter we shall forward to morrow to Mr. Monroe at Paris, which We request of you to confirm, press, and enforce to him, all in your power. The Truths and consequences it contains, are too evident and delicate, not to impress us with a Conviction, You will do all in your power to further the object we therein aim at.

We are with great regard and esteem / Sir! / Your mo: ob: hb: servants

Wilhem & Jan Willink

N & J. Van Staphorst & Hubbard

RC and enclosure(MHi: Adams Papers); internal address: “Thos: B. Adams Esq. the Hague.”

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