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Thomas Boylston Adams to Wilhem & Jan Willink and Nicolaas &

Jacob van Staphorst & Hubbard

17 Dec. 1795

Gentlemen: The Hague 17 December 1795.

In compliance with the request contained in your favor of yesterday, I have renewed the representations previously made to Mr: Monroe respecting the transmission of the specie in his hands. It is peculiarly unfortunate, that obstacles should be thrown in the way of this remittance, at a time, when its failure may prove seriously injurious to the interests of the United States. The consequences, which must result from a delay of payment, are not unknown to Mr: Monroe & I cannot suffer myself to doubt, but that every thing, which depends upon his exertions, has been done to procure the requisite permission to forward the money from Paris.

If after all, a postponement of the January payment must take place; if no fresh supplies arrive from America, & no certain term is fixed for the transportation of the specie, the next object is to render the delay as short as possible.

For this purpose I have suggested to Mr: Monroe the necessity of resorting to the Bill upon Messrs: Lubbert & Dumas of Hamburg. Should this measure be adopted, your means of payment at the expiration of the term for which that Bill is drawn, will in all probability be sure, as it is made payable at Amsterdam & will be endorsed to you.

I am &ca:

LbC (CtHi: Wolcott Papers), enclosure in TBA to Oliver Wolcott, 6 Jan. 1796; internal address: “T. B. Adams to Messrs: Willink van Staphorst & Hubbard.”

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