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James Monroe to Thomas Boylston Adams

28 Dec. 1795

Sir. Paris Decr: 28th: 1795.

I was lately honored with your’s of the 17. of Decr: upon the subject of the 120.000. Dolrs: in my hands destined for our Bankers at Amsterdam. Mine to a preceding one of your’s stated, that an escort to conduct the money was refused—& after this, permission to export it likewise was. There remained of course no other alternative than to send it forward by Bills, & in that case either by those of the Govt or individuals, the former of which I have preferr’d as most sure, being positively assured by the Minister of Finance they shall be paid. Unhappily the term of three months is allotted for the delay upon the payment by these Bills, but a shorter term cod: not be had in those of individuals, so that nothing better could be done.

I shod have forwarded the Bill upon the House at Hamburg had I not been advised in the most satisfactory manner it wod: not be paid; that in truth bills on that House to a great Amot: were already protested, it therefore seemed best to take the money here and forward it by such opportunity or means as might occur. The other course was free from trouble to me, but it appear’d less likely to produce the object desired by the United States

I hope the Bankers will be able to prevent any ill effect from this delay & especially of a sum comparatively so unimportant; they have merited well of the United States heretofore, & I trust their efforts will not be diminished or less productive than they were, when our embarrassments were much greater than they now are.

With great respect &ca:

LbC in the hand of Thomas Boylston Adams (CtHi: Wolcott Papers), enclosure in Thomas Boylston Adams to Oliver Wolcott, 6 Jan. 1796; internal address: “James Monroe Esqr: to T. B. Adams.”

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