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Thomas Welsh to John Quincy Adams

19 Mar. 1796

My Dear Sir Boston March 19th. 1796

Your Favor by Capt Clarke dated Novr 6 I received I have now sent you the Centinels in continuation of those sent you by Capt Barnard which I hope you have received as I conceive that you may have returned to the Hague I have sent them there and desired your Brother to whom I have writen by this conveyance to send them to you to London if he thinks it best.

What the prospects of peace may be with you I know not but it seems as if there was to be a transfer of the War between France and England into the west Indies and perhaps into the East Indies.

In America The most unbounded abuse against the first Magistrate which were heaped upon him in every part of the Country has been succeeded by as unqualified Eulogy and Panegiric he has not been deified but I think I saw in one of the papers an Allegorical Journal of one who pretended to have it in his power to view all the Actions of this Patriot. And in answer to some writer who attempted to have it believed that he was not the Author of all the Performances ascribed to him. asserted that he had been witness to the nightly descent of an Admonishing Angel who dictated to him the line of his Conduct in all his public Concerns. this is I confess an exaggerated Discription of the Noizes of party in this Country and I hope more so than any future Circumstances will warrant. indeed I think the State of Society to which The United States has arisen at Seasons when the Affairs of the World preserved a more uniform Course would cherish such a Hope; but it seems that the People or rather the Passions of the People of America are acted on powerfully by uncommon and violent Causes which in my View render her tranquillity precarious provided the European War is continued a few Years longer.

I have not seen or heard of Mr Ripley.

I am Dear Sir with Esteem and Respect your Humbe

Thomas Welsh

RC (MHi: Adams Papers).
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