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C. J. M. DeWolf to Thomas Boylston Adams

30 May 1796

Sir! Antwerp 30 May 1796

I am favoured With yours of the 19th Instant, in repliance to Which I have the honour to Say, that there is not the least appearance to perform any thing in the proposed Loan of the U: S: in conversing foreign Debt into Domestic, and this for reasons I mentioned before this operation Will do by no means, and Chiefly because Proprietors can not depend upon a determined term receiving their remittances, Which they Aim particularly at, in giving their Money;—A friend of mine has got Some Domestic Stock payable in America, the Intrest fallen Due Since the 1st of January Last is not as yet remitted, and Suppose he receives Just nonremittances at 2 usance, then he Will only receive his Interest 7 Months after the term, you Will easely conceive Sir, that the like operations can not encourage People to converse their foreign Debt—

As to the free navigation upon the Sheld Wee Look upon it as a Settled matter, for Several Vessels under Sundry Natral flags came up of Late and yet Some more are expected, even American ones, I Do not Doubt Wether the relation of trade between America and this town Will encrease considerably and become of note, and to that purpose I entreat you if you know any of your friends Who Would Intend to make Some Consignations here of one or other Articles, you Would be pleased to recommend my house, assuring them to be punctualy Served, and to the best of their Intrast—Could You not prevail So much upon the represant of the french Nation at the hague as to procure me in quality as American Agent, a freedom of exemption of being obliged to lodge Soldiers, I fancy you Will obtain this easely, So much the more, When you Show him, that my Counting house is the Depot for Money consigned by the United States, you Would oblige me by effectuating this—

I am most respectfully / Your Very obedt St

C: J: M: DeWolf

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