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Joshua Johnson to John Quincy Adams

30 Sep. 1796

Dear Sir. London 30 Septemr. 1796

Your favor of the 13th came to hand on the 26th. by which I fixed that you had not determined on the time of your departure or the Rout you should pursue, tho you say you should prefer that by way of England if you are permitted & a Passage in a Neutral Vessell would be obtaind to carry you to your destination; I do not know the propriutory or Impropiutory of your comeing this way, therefore I will not venture an Opinion on the case, but should you fix on this rout you need not be under any apprehentions of meeting with Neutral Vessells to convey you where you want to go as many are continually going back & forward. It is true, I do know the motive of your wishing to come this way & I should not act candid if I was not to tell you, that I wish it & that before the Month of March as I find it absolutely necessary for me to quit this for America within that Month or early in April, for unless I go to America soon I may loose every thing that I have been labouring for during my Life & leave my Family unprovided for & even unprotected, on something I can explain more to you & you will also have an opportunity to confer & make such arrangements as may tend to your future happiness & relieve me from a doubt whether my Child is to go with me or not—

I had receved previous to your Letter, an Official communication from Mr. King, that the Directory of France, had come to the determination not to molest our Flag, I wish this Country would act with the same moderation, but they cannot help every now & then takeing some of our Vessells—

By the latest Accounts from America we find that the opinion of the People is altered. it is now generally believed that the President will be protected & that he will serve the Office, it will be productive of one good & which is the prevention of the struggle—for the State—Dr. Nichol & Mr. Anstic on the Commissions appointed on the part of this Government to Settle the claims for our Captured property, the Commissions have advatized to meet on the 10th. of next Month to do business & they tell me that they have hopes of finishing the whole in Eighteen Months, I much wish they may but I have my doubts—I am now looking out for an opportunity to send you the Books Mr. Hall left with me and as soon as I can meet with one they shall be forwarded—

Mr. Bourne had wrote me that he had determined on postponeing his Visit to America this Year & informed me of his Intentions to carry on Business at Amsterdam, I have a very high respect for this Gentleman & when I get fixt in America shall do my best endeavors to serve him—

It is with much pleasure that I can inform you that Mrs. Johnson & all the Ladies are well, they join in Affectionately Compliments to you; with every Sentiment of regard I am / Dear Sir / Your Affecte. Friend,

Joshua Johnson

RC (MHi: Adams Papers).
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