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Abigail Adams to John Adams

23 Dec. 1796

My dearest Friend December 23. 1796

Mr Beals will deliver this to you. He has a desire to be introduced by you, to the President & to Mrs Washington, I promised to give him a Letter to you,

We have had a pretty severe Specimin of winter, it promises to be fine Sleding & Sleying You will see, or doubtless have seen in the centinal of Wednesday the 14 of this Month, some Electionering Eloquence Said by mr Sullivan who was present, to be deliverd from a Hogshead to a Virgina Horse Mare assembly. after the Races, the orator mounted, and undertook to give Your origin & Character as well as your mode of Life, all of which are equally True,

I understand mr Hitchbourn is very full in the praises of Mr Munroe since his return from the Southard, Says that to him is altogether oweing our being at Peace with France at this time, that we are under infinate obligation to him. that he presumes mr Pinckney will be received very cordially coldly—I am assured that this people are becomeing as independant in their Sentiments towards that Nation as they ought to be to all Foreign Nations and \that/ they think & Speak like true Americans. The Mountain however as it is call’d, the Insurence office, Still vomits forth poison, in that Conclave, the Chronical is brewed

I shall write you by the post

Yours affectionatly

Abigail Adams

RC (MHi: Adams Papers).
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