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Abigail Adams to John Adams

18 Jan. 1797

my Dearest Friend Quincy Janry 18 1796

I have made inquiry respecting a Carriage and send You the result, if you conclude to have one made You will send immediate orders as mr Frothingham has so many on hand that he cannot engage to have it ready untill the first of July, we know his work and may depend upon him,

French came last Evening to see me, to know what was intended with respect to the Farm, I told him I had not received a line from You upon the Subject, but that you had said that he might tarry if he chose. before you went away and I did not doubt but he might, Vinton goes of and French seems inclined to take it alone, he will have I presume some thing New to offer, what I know not, I told him when I heard from you I would give him an answer— Burrel I presume will stay if he can have Water and a Yoke of cattle

I have not said any thing to Mears would you have me?

weather Still cold tho not so severe we have not any arrivals or News. every thing seems quiet at present,

Yours affecly


RC (MHi: Adams Papers).


A Neat Chariot with perch carriage Neat Wheels. Steel Springs. Tran. Axletree, folding steps. handsomely trim’d full seat Cloth. Lamps. Full Glasses for Doors & Front. handsome Harness Silver plated furniture body & harness. Silver Letters on Doors & handsomely painted– Dls. 1115—

If Quarters Lights—40

$ 1155

Enclosure(MHi: Adams Papers).

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