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Louisa Catherine Johnson to John Quincy Adams

24 Feb. 1797

London Febry.24th1797

According to my promise of writing every week, I again renew my pleasing occupation, though I have nothing new, or amusing, to communicate— — —

I am impatiently waiting for the Mails, it really appears to me, since we have regularly corresponded once a week, that I do not hear from you, so often as when you wrote but once a Month, do not imagine my beloved friend, that by this I mean to complain of you, I believe if you were to write every day, I should still remain the same disconted Girl, I now am, I am fearful I have already required more of you, than you can perform with convenience, indeed my Adams I wish you were here, people are always teazing me to tell \say/ when you are expected, and every time it is mentioned adds to my sorrow—it reminds me my best friend of my \the/ loss I have experienced in your society, of my late cruel disappointment— — —

Excuse this letter my friend—three of my sisters are very ill and it has made me low spirited, therefore I must conclude; before I tire you quite with my stupidity—I wrote you on Tuesday, but burnt my letter, I was really ashamed to send it as I am to send this—but you have said that I could not write too often, and that all my letters were acceptable and gave you pleasure, you see I have availed myself of this and kindness, therefore you must thank yourself for all the nonsense you recieve— — —

Adieu, my best loved, most esteemed friend, believe in the sincere regard, and tender affection, of your truely faithful, 

Louisa C Johnson

RC (MHi: Adams Papers).
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