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Mercy Otis Warren to Abigail Adams

27 Feb. 1797

plimouth Feb 27th1797

It can be of little consequence to you my dear Madam wether your late adventure with me amounts to 8000 dollers or only 81—Yet it is my duty to let you know how it stands and to take your command, either to vest you again as an adventurer in the next class—or remit to your order the sum of 8/7—

As I think it always best to rise in one subject instead [...] sinking from great to small things my Gratulations on Mr Adams elevation to the presidential \chair/ are secondary to my condolence: and may form a perfect contrast to your [....] in the H C lottery—the one a small Stake in the most [...] Game—the other the best Card in the pack.—a second throw could make no addition but a [crown]—and that you have too much understanding and knowledge of the World to suppose it could enhance your happiness.

I hope we shall meet again before you take up your residence in a southern clime—Was I a Courtier I could say many prety things in the present occasion both to you and to Mr Adams but his old friend will only observe in her usual stile of correspondence that she sincerly wishes peace prosperity & Virtue may pervade the united states, under his administration, and may you my dear madam feel no interruption of health nor any nor any of those circumstances in human life ten fold more painful—that might impede the tide of prosperity in which you have long sailed—

The bearer of this will wait on you next Teusday for an answer to this or any other commands you may have for your assured Friend & Humbl. servt 

Mercy Warren.

RC (MHi: Adams Papers).
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