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Abigail Adams to Mercy Otis Warren

28 Feb. 1797

my dear Madam Febry28th1797

I yesterday received your obliging favour of Feb ry 27th I have been so little a favorite of fortune that I never once examined my Numbers by the News papers, or otherways, concluding that those who were equally interested, would take proper care of \for/ me, as I had formed no expectations, I meet with no dissapointment, and am quite pleased that my adventure should be appropriated to the promotion of Science, and literature. The few shillings in your Hands be kind enough to apply to the purchase of some little Books, and present them for me to the Lovely Marcia as a token of my approbation, of that sweet engaging simplicity of manners, which were so conspicuous in her.

For your congratulations upon a late important event, accept my acknowledgments, considering it as the voluntary and unsolicited Gift of a Free and enlightned people, it is a precious and valuable Deposit, and calls for every exertion of the Head and every virtue of the Heart to do justice to so sacred a deposit, Trust, yet however pure the intentions, or upright the Conduct, offences will come.

’High Stations Tumult, but not bliss create.’

As to a Crown my dear Madam I will not deny, that there there is one which I asspire after, and in a Country where envy can never enter to plant thorns beneath it. The fashion of this world passeth away. I would hope that I have not lived in vain, but have learnt how, and what value to place upon the fleeting and transitory enjoyments of it, I shall esteem myself peculiarly fortunate, if at the close of my publick Life, I can retire, esteemed beloved, and equally respected with my predecessor.

Old Friends can never be forgotten by me, in that number I have long been accustomed to consider the Genll and mrs Warren, as such it will always give me pleasure to see them at peace Feild, or where ever else they may meet their Friend and Humble Servant 

Abigail Adams

RC (MHi: Adams Papers).
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