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John Adams to Abigail Adams

13 Apr. 1797

My dearest Friend Phila. April 13. 1797

I shall be obliged, for what I know to resign in a few months for Want of Eye sight: But with all the Wear and tear of Eyes in other Ways I find Strength enough left in them to write and send to the Post Office on the morning of every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday a few Lines for you.

I have as yet no Acknowledgment of my first Courtship to you to come on immediately. Every Post since has carried a Repetition of it, and this is intended to inforce it with all Zeal. The Virginians say I have appealed to the heart of every American by calling Congress and I wish you to be present and see the Operation of their hearts. We must trouble our Friends to have an Eye to our little Affairs at Quincy and Braintree. Polly Smiths sickness ought not to delay you.

These mysterious enigmatical French men, will puzzle Us at least.

Poor Edward Savil has fallen into their hands and not only been robbed of all his Property but mangled and every thing but murdered, in so shocking a manner, as if it had been done by the English, every Jacobin Newspaper would be full of it, for a Year or two. The poor fellow cries and Swears, that if he could but be allowed to go and fight them and get his revenge by killing Some of them he should be willing to die as soon as he had done it. There is more of the natural Man than of the Christian or Politician in this—I give him his Board and lodging till he can get a Passage home. I think he ought to shew his Arm and shoulder and back to Austin and Jarvis and the democratic & Jacobinic societies.

Cousin sumner is to be Governor I presume. Could the Jacobins find no more promising Candidate than S.?

I have a fine Letter from John of 14. Jan. but I will keep it till you come as an additional motive to you to make haste.

The detestible Conduct of our last house of Representatives have brought their Country into a very sober dilemma—If the People go on choosing such what will be the consequence?

With all Affection


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