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John Adams to Horatio Gates Spafford

6 Sept. 1813

Worthy Friend. Quincy Sep 6 1813

I have received by the Mail your Friendly Letter of 8 Mo. 31. with your Gazetteer of the State of New-york.

Although I have not the pleasure of a personal Acquaintance: my thanks are not the less but the more due to you for your kind Attention and valuable present.—Your Work, as it is a moment monument of industrious research and indefatigable labour in Collecting information concerning the important State of New-york, has great merit.

This War, whatever may be its temporary termination, will Ultimately aggrandize that State and all others that border on the Lakes.—

I thank you for your kind regards, and ardent Prayers, which must be Suggested by benevolence, and philanthropy: but I hope I am enough of a disciplinarian to be ready to obey the Orders of my Commanders in Chief.

Jefferson and Madison are great names and respectable Characters in the History of our Country: and Jay is not the less respectable for having been an injured Man, and a neglected friend of his Country. Your Letters from them will be worth preserving.

I wish, Sir, that your Life, Health Activity and Perseverance may be preserved, for farther Investigations as Usefull to the Publick.

So prays your Friend—

John Adams—

LbC (MHi: Adams Papers).
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