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Kaa, Anthony (proprietor of First Bible Inn) [2 references]

Kageneck, Friedrich Graf von (German envoy to Britain) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Kåhre, Lars (Göteborg merchant) [2 references]

Kaighn (Cain), John [4 subentries]

Kalb, Maj. Gen. Johann [2 references + 7 subentries]

Kaldenbach, J. A. [1 subentry]

Kalicheff (Kolychev), Stepan Alekseevich (Russian minister at The Hague) [1 reference]

Kamchadals (natives of the Kamchatka Peninsula) [1 reference]

Kamchatka Peninsula, Siberia [4 references]

Kames (Kaimes), Henry Home, Lord [1 “see also” entry]

Kampen, Netherlands [1 reference]

Kanterberg, Mr. (brother-in-law of C. B. Wadström) [1 reference]

Kast (Cast), Dr. Philip Godfried [1 reference]

Kast (Cast), Philip Godfried (grandson of Dr. Philip) [1 reference]

Kate (Cate), Christian ten (Amsterdam merchant) [2 references]

Katherine, Queen of England (wife of Henry VIII) [1 reference]

Kattegat Channel [2 references]

Kaunitz-Rietberg, Josef Graf von (ambassador of the German Empire to Spain) [1 reference]

Kaunitz-Rietberg, Prince Wenzel Anton (Austrian chancellor) [2 references]

Kaunitz-Rietberg-Questenberg, Dominik (Austrian ambassador to Spain) [3 references]

Kearsley, John [1 reference]

Keating, William (prisoner at Dinan, France) [2 subentries]

Keaton (Keeton), Patrick, witness, No. 64 [3 references]

Keen v. Turner, No. 14 [5 references]

Keen, Fra., deposition, No. 14 [1 reference]

Keen, Francis, in case of Rex v. Keen [1 reference]

Keen, Isaac, deposition, No. 14 [1 reference]

Keen, Josiah [3 references]

Keep, Jabez, in No. 18 [1 reference]

Keep, Jonathan, in No. 18 [4 references]

Keesel (Vanderkesel), Dionysius Godefridus van der (professor at Leyden) [2 references]

Keith, Israel [2 subentries]

Keith, Mr. (in Plymouth, Mass.) [1 reference]

Kellock, Katherine A. [5 references]

Kellogg, Rev. (young parson) [1 reference]

Kellogg, Samuel (H.C. 1787) [2 subentries]

Kelly, Capt. (of the Peggy) [1 reference]

Kelyng, John [1 reference]

Kemble, Frances Anne (“Fanny,” later wife of Pierce Butler) [2 references]

Kemble, John Philip (Brit. actor) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Kemp, François Adriaan van der [See redirect]

Kempar (Kempenaer?, professor at Franeker, Netherlands) [1 reference]

Kempenfelt, Rear Adm. Richard (Brit.) [2 references]

Kemtenstrauss, Mr. de [1 subentry]

Kendal, Samuel (H.C. 1782) [1 reference]

Kendall, Ephraim (H.C. 1787) [3 subentries]

K'Enguen [See redirect]

Kennebec (or Plymouth) Company [3 references + 4 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Kennebec Purchase, creation of towns within [2 references]

Kennebec (Kenebeck, Kenebeckick) River [13 references]

Kennebec, Maine [4 references]

Kennebunk, Maine [1 reference]

Kenneday, Conn. [1 reference]

Kenneston, Amos (of the Ranger) [1 reference]

Kennington, England [1 reference]

Kenny, Daniel [1 reference]

Kenny, Jonathan, witness, No. 59 [1 reference]

Kensington, England [1 reference]

Kensington, N.H. [2 references]

Kensington, Penn. [1 reference]

Kent County, Del. [2 references]

Kent County, England [2 references]

Kent, Abigail [See redirect]

Kent, Anna Smith (1708-1781, wife of Ebenezer, aunt of AA) [5 references + 3 subentries]

Kent, Benjamin [22 subentries]

Kent, David, witness, No. 15 [1 reference]

Kent, Ebenezer (1700?-1776, of Charlestown, uncle of AA) [3 references + 3 subentries]

Kent, Elizabeth [See redirect]

Kent, Huldah [1 reference + 1 “see also” entry]

Kent, Mr. (tavernkeeper of Suffield, Conn.) [1 reference]

Kent, Mr., carries letters between JA and AA [1 reference]

Kent, Samuel, in No. 18 [2 references]

Kent, William [1 subentry]

Kent, William (in Nickerson murder case) [1 reference]

Kentith, Capt. (of Revenge) [1 reference]

Kentucky [5 references + 4 subentries]

Kent’s Tavern (Roxbury) [1 reference]

Kenyon, Sir Lloyd, M.P. [1 reference]

Keppel, Adm. Augustus, R.N., 1st Viscount Keppel [4 references + 17 subentries]

Keppel, Capt. George (of the Vestal and later Fairy) [3 references]

Keppel, Gen. William (brother of Augustus) [2 references]

Kerch, Russia [2 references]

Kerch, Strait of (formerly Strait of Yenikale) [2 references]

Kergariou, Capt. (of the frigate L’Oiseau) [1 reference]

Kerloguen, Capt. Brûlot de Cottineau de (of the Pallas) [1 reference]

Kermis (fair in Low Countries) [1 reference]

Kerr, Joseph (hatter) [1 reference]

Kerr, William John, 5th Marquis of Lothian [2 references]

Kerr, William, Earl of Ancram [2 references]

Kerroux, Louis Gabriel Florence, Abrégé de l’histoire de la Hollande [1 reference]

Kettering, England [1 reference]

Kettle, Mr. (deputy sheriff in Malden, Mass.) [1 reference]

Keulen, Johannes van, Nouvel Atlas [2 references]

Kew, England [2 references]

Keys, Sgt. Jos. [1 reference]

Keys, Miss (“a famous New Jersey Beauty”) [1 reference]

Keyser, Hendrick de (Dutch architect) [1 reference]

Khrumppöck, Mr. (Dutch marine officer) [1 reference]

Kibby, Mr. (tavernkeeper of Somers, Conn.) [2 references]

Kidder, Frederick, History of the Boston Massacre [3 references]

Kidney stones [1 subentry]

Kiel, Denmark (later Germany) [4 references]

Kiessel, Mrs. [1 reference]

Kilby, Martha (proprietor of Boston boarding house) [3 references]

Kilham, Dr. Daniel (Newburyport apothecary) [5 subentries]

Kill v. Hollister [1 reference]

Killingly (Killingsley), Conn. [2 references]

Killingworth, Conn. [1 reference]

Killroy (Killeroy, Kilroy), Matthew [4 subentries]

Kimball, Jacob (H.C. 1788) [1 reference]

Kimball, Rev. True (of Newbury) [3 references]

Kinburn, Russia [2 references]

Kindy, Capt. W. (of the Dove) [2 references]

King George's War (1740-1748) [1 reference]

King Richard (Poor Richard?) [1 reference]

King Road, Boston Harbor [1 reference]

King William County, Va. [1 reference]

King William's War [1 reference]

King v. Hart [1 reference]

King v. Inhabitants of Abbots Langley [1 reference]

King v. Pain [See redirect]

King v. Stewart et al. [1 reference]

King v. Stewart, No. 2 [3 subentries]

Kings Bridge, N.Y. [12 references]

King's College [See redirect]

King's Mountain, Battle of [3 references + 3 subentries]

King's Roads [1 reference + 1 “see also” entry]

“King's peace” [1 reference]

King, Archbishop [2 references]

King, Charles R. [1 reference]

King, Henry, Bishop of Chichester [1 reference]

King, John, Bishop of London [1 reference]

King, Mary Alsop (wife of Rufus) [3 references + 1 “see also” entry]

King, Mr. (Philadelphia iron founder) [1 reference]

King, Mr. (deputy sheriff in Salem, Mass.) [1 reference]

King, Mr. (of Boston) [1 reference]

King, Mrs. (wife of Richard) [1 reference]

King, Mrs. (wife of Richard), in No. 2 [3 references]

King, Richard [2 subentries]

King, Richard, mobbing of his house in Scarborough, Maine [1 reference]

King, Rufus (Mass. member of Congress, later N.Y. senator) [5 references + 13 subentries]

King, Capt. Samuel (Mass. militia) [1 reference]

King, Thomas (Brit. actor) [1 reference]

King, William (Brit. poet) [2 references]

King, William (archbishop of Dublin) [1 reference]

King, of Braintree [1 reference]

Kings County, N.Y. [1 reference]

Kings-Evil [See redirect]

Kingsbridge, England [1 reference]

Kingsbury, Seth, defendant, Form X [1 reference]

Kingston, Jamaica [1 reference]

Kingston, Mass. [2 references + 1 “see also” entry]

Kingston, N.H. [3 references]

Kingston (formerly Esopus), N.Y. [4 references]

Kingston-upon-Hull, England [1 reference]

Kingston-upon-Hull, Duchess of [See redirect]

Kingweston, England [1 reference]

King’s Bench prison [1 reference]

Kinnaird, Charles, 6th Baron Kinnaird [1 reference]

Kinnersley, Rev. Ebenezer (associate of Franklin) [2 references]

Kinsbergen, Jan Hendrik van (Dutch admiral) [3 references]

Kinship, degrees of, generally [2 references]

Kip's Bay, Battle of [3 references]

Kippis, Rev. Andrew (Brit.) [4 references + 1 subentry]

Kirk, Arthur (ex-prisoner) [1 reference]

Kirk, Thomas, in No. 46 [4 references]

Kirke, Col. Percy [1 reference]

Kirkland, Dr. John Thornton (H.C. president) [4 references]

Kirkland, Rev. Samuel [2 subentries]

Kirkman, John (M.P.) [2 references]

Kirkwall, Orkney Islands Scotland [1 reference]

Kirmovan, Mr. Le Chevalier de [1 reference]

Kirwan, John [1 reference]

Kissam, Daniel (of N.Y. city) [2 references]

Kitchen utensils [2 references]

Kitchin, Thomas [1 reference]

Kittery, Maine (formerly Mass.) [6 references]

Kittredge, Dr. and Mrs. Thomas (of Andover) [1 reference]

Kitts, George [1 reference]

Klaipeda, Lithuania [1 reference]

Kleef, Mr. Van (notary) [1 reference]

Kleve, Prussia [1 reference]

Klosterzeven, Convention of [1 reference]

Knap, Mr. (tavernkeeper of Horse Neck, Conn.) [3 references]

Knap, W. (ex-prisoner) [1 reference]

Kneeland, Bartholomew, witness, No. 64 [4 references]

Kneeland, Misses [3 references]

Kneeland, Mrs. (of Boston) [1 reference]

Kneller, Sir Godfrey [2 references]

Knight service, tenure by [1 reference]

Knight v. the Corporation of Wells [1 reference]

Knight, Abraham (of the Ranger) [1 reference]

Knight, Enos, witness, No. 22 [2 references]

Knight, Lucy [3 subentries]

Knight, Thomas, witness, No. 64 [3 references]

Knights of Malta [1 reference]

Knoffel, J. F. (Prussian) [2 references]

Knoffel, P. L. (Prussian finance minister) [1 reference]

Knokke, Belgium [1 reference]

Knollenberg, Bernhard [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Knowlton, Lt. Col. Thomas [1 reference + 3 subentries]

Knowles, Amos, Jr., witness, No. 43 [2 references]

Knowles, Amos, witness, No. 43 [1 reference]

Knowles, Josa., witness, No. 43 [2 references]

Knox, Dr. (in Philadelphia) [1 reference]

Knox, Gen. Henry [6 references + 41 subentries]

Knox, Mr. [1 reference]

Knox, Mr. (pilot of La Sensible) [1 reference]

Knox, Thomas, No. 59 [5 references]

Knox, Vicesimus [1 subentry]

Knox, William (British secy. of the Amer. Dept.) [2 subentries]

Knox, William (brother of Henry) [4 references + 1 subentry]

Knyphausen, Lt. Gen. Wilhelm, Baron von (commander of Hessian troops in America) [5 references + 2 subentries]

Koch, Jean Henrÿ [1 subentry]

Kolb, Gregor, Examen Juris Canonici juxta V. libros decretalium [2 references]

Königsberg, Prussia [6 references]

Koninklijk Huisarchief, The Hague [1 reference]

Körner, Mr. (of Sweden) [1 reference]

Kortman, J. (of Amsterdam?) [1 reference]

Kortright, Elizabeth (later wife of James Monroe) [1 reference]

Kortright, Capt. John (of N.Y.) [2 references]

Koster (Coster), Lourens Janszoon [1 reference]

Kotlin Island, Kronstadt Bay, Russia [1 reference]

Kotzebue, August Friedrich Ferdinand von [1 subentry]

Kosciuszko, Col. Thaddeus [3 references]

Kronstadt, Russia [4 references]

Kruiningen, Baron van [2 references]

Kuffeler, Joan van (Friesland deputy to States General) [4 references]

Kuhl, Frederick [2 references]

Kuhn, Dr. Adam [2 subentries]

Kungobacka, Sweden [1 reference]