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L., Mr. [2 references]

LCA [2 See redirects]

La Colombe, Louis Saint Ange, Chevalier de [1 reference + 2 subentries]

La Balme, Augustin Mottin de (French officer) [5 references + 1 “see also” entry]

La Beaumelle, L. A. de [See redirect]

Labhard, Marie (later Mme. Jean François Paul Grand) [4 references]

L'Abhard, Mlle., of Paris [2 references]

La Blancherie, Pahin Champlain de [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Laborde, Jean Benjamin de [1 subentry]

Labouchere, Mr. [1 reference]

La Bourdonnais, M. de [1 reference]

Labrador [4 references + 1 subentry]

La Brenellierie, Paul Philippe Gudin de [1 reference]

La Briche, M. La Live de [1 reference]

La Bruyère, Jean de [1 subentry]

Lacedaemon [See redirect]

Lacedemonians [2 references]

La Cenerentola [See redirect]

La Colombe, Capt. P. de (Continental Army) [1 reference]

La Combe, M. [1 reference]

La Corbiere, M. [1 subentry]

La Coruña, Spain [See redirect]

Lacoste, Jn. Pas., & Courtiau (Amsterdam mercantile firm) [4 subentries]

Ladd, tavernkeeper of Biddeford, Maine [1 reference]

Ladvocat, Jean Baptiste, Dictionnaire géographique portatif [1 reference]

Lady Ann (ship) [1 reference]

Lady Lee (Maryland privateer) [2 references]

Lady Washington (Amer. merchant ship) [3 references]

Lady and the Devil, The [See redirect]

Laertes (character in Shakespeare) [1 reference]

Laet, Joannes de, Novus Orbus [3 references]

La Fargue, Paulus Constantin, engraving of French embassy at The Hague [2 references]

Lafayette, Marie Adrienne Françoise de Noailles, Marquise de [5 references + 11 subentries]

Lafayette, Anastasie Louise Pauline de [1 reference + 3 subentries]

Lafayette, Chevalier de [1 reference]

Lafayette, Georges Washington de [1 reference + 9 subentries]

Lafayette, Marie Antoinette Virginie de [1 reference + 2 subentries]

Lafayette, Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de [5 references + 109 subentries]

Lafayette, Michel Louis de (father of Marquis de Lafayette) [1 reference]

Lafit (wine of Medoc) [1 reference]

Lafont, Joseph de, Les trois frères rivaux [1 reference]

La Fontaine, Jean de [4 subentries]

La Forest, Antoine René Charles Mathurin, Comte de, on La Luzerne' s diplomatic staff [2 references]

La Fortune, French merchant ship, litigation over [1 reference]

Lafreté, M. and Mme. de [1 subentry]

La Freté, M. de [3 subentries]

La Freté, Mme. Martinville de [5 references]

Lagau, Philippe Jean Joseph (French chargé at Hamburg) [1 reference]

Lage-Zwaluwe, Netherlands [1 reference]

Lagoanere & Co. [1 reference]

Lagoanere, Michel (U.S. agent at La Coruña, Spain) [11 references + 10 subentries]

Lagoanere, Mme. (wife of Michel) [3 references]

La Houze, Matthieu de Basquiat, Baron de [4 references]

Laighton, James (of the Ranger) [1 reference]

Lainé, Mr. (Amsterdam watchmaker) [1 reference]

L'Air de Lamotte, Jean (secy. of Benjamin Franklin) [1 reference]

La Jeunesse, Preudhome [1 reference]

Lake Champlain [3 references]

Lake Erie [1 reference]

Lake George, N.Y. [4 references]

Lake Huron [1 reference]

Lake Michigan [1 reference]

Lake Ontario [2 references]

Lake Superior [1 reference]

Lake Winnipesaukee, N.H. [1 reference]

Lake, Sir Bybye [1 reference]

Lakeman, Nathan [1 reference]

Lakes [See redirect]

La Lande, Jacobus de (Amsterdam banker) [7 references]

La Lande & Fynje, de (Amsterdam banking firm) [4 references + 10 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Lalanne, Veuve, & Fils (Bayonne mercantile firm) [1 subentry]

Lallemand, Jean Baptiste [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Lally, Thomas Arthur, Baron de Tollendal [1 reference]

La Luzerne, Anne César, Chevalier de (French minister to the U.S.) [4 references + 28 subentries]

La Luzerne, César Guillaume de (Bishop of Langres) [2 references]

La Luzerne, César Henri, Comte de [8 references]

La Luzerne, Comte and Comtesse de [1 reference]

La Luzerne, Comtesse de [1 reference]

Lamar, Mrs. (wife of Thomas) [2 references]

Lamar, Thomas [1 subentry]

La Marthonie, M. de (captain of the Jason) [3 references]

Lamb, James, in No. 63 [3 references]

Lamb, John (U.S. agent to Tripoli) [1 reference + 15 subentries]

Lamb, John(?), of New York City [1 reference]

Lamb, of Braintree [1 reference]

Lamballe, Marie Thérèse Louise de Savoie-Carignan, Princesse de [3 references]

Lambard, James, witness, No. 15 [2 references]

Lambard, William [1 subentry]

Lambert v. Bardin [1 reference]

Lambert v. Tirrell [3 references]

Lambert, Luke [1 reference + 6 subentries]

Lambert, Mr. [2 references]

Lambeth, England [1 reference]

Lamoignon II, Guillaume [1 reference]

Lamoignon de Blancmesnil, Guillaume de [3 references]

Lamoignon de Malesherbes [See redirect]

Lamoignon family, and Noailles family [1 reference]

La Molion, Chevalier de [2 references]

Lamont, de, and others, Act of War [2 references]

La Montagne, Pierre, Baron de, La théâtromanie [1 reference]

La Motte, Antoine Houdart de [2 subentries]

La Motte, Jeanne de Luz de Saint-Rémy de Valois, Comtesse de [1 subentry]

La Motte, Toussaint Guillaume, Comte Picquet de (called La Motte-Picquet, French naval officer) [13 references + 5 subentries]

Lamson or Lampson (Benjamin) v. Butter (William) [1 reference]

Lancashire, England [4 references]

Lancaster, Mass. [9 references]

Lancaster, Penn. [13 references + 2 subentries]

Lancellottus, Joannes Paulus, Institutiones juris canonici [3 references]

Lanchon, M. (of Lanchon Frères & Cie.) [1 reference]

Lancker, Jacques van [2 references]

Lancuville, M. de, passenger on La Sensible [1 reference]

Land claims [6 references]

“Land Embargo” [2 See redirects]

Land use, powers of Court of General Sessions over [1 reference]

Landais, Capt. Pierre (of the Alliance) [3 references + 26 subentries]

Lands [3 subentries + 2 “see also” entries]

Landscape gardening [See redirect]

Landsdowne, William Petty, 1st marquis of [See redirect]

Lane (“old Mr. Lane”), of London [1 reference]

Lane v. Alexander [2 references]

Lane, John (“Son” of Lane, Son & Frazer), in No. 58 [4 references]

Lane, Pvt. John, in No. 60 [1 reference]

Lane, Josiah, juror, No. 64 [1 reference]

Lane, Mr., of Nicholas Lane, London [1 reference]

Lane, Son, & Frazer (London firm) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Lanesborough, Mass. [1 reference]

Laneuville, Brig. Gen. [1 subentry]

Langara, Adm. Don Juan de (Spanish) [8 references]

Langborn, William (Amer. expatriate) [2 references + 3 subentries]

Langdon v. Barber, Form III [3 references]

Langdon, Edward, plaintiff, Form III [1 reference]

Langdon, John (Boston bookseller) [1 reference]

Langdon, John (of N.H.) [5 references + 10 subentries]

Langdon, Martha [See redirect]

Langdon, Rev. Samuel (president of Harvard) [4 references + 2 subentries]

Langdon, Timothy [1 reference]

Langdon, Woodbury (delegate from N.H.) [3 references + 1 subentry]

Langeron, Comte de [1 reference]

Langley, Mrs., of Bethlehem, Penn. [1 reference]

Langlois, JA rents carriage from, in Paris [2 references]

Langlois, Mlle., French dancer [1 reference]

Langres, France [1 reference]

Langsford (Langford), Edward Gambleton (Gambett) [2 subentries]

Language [2 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Languedoc (Estaing's flagship) [5 references]

Languedoc, France [1 reference]

Lanjuinais, M. de (principal, College of Moudon, Switzerland) [1 subentry]

Lansdowne, Marquess of [See redirect]

Lansing, John Jr.(N.Y.member of Congress) [1 reference]

Laodicea, Asia Minor [1 reference]

La Pierre (French officer) [1 reference]

La Place, Pierre Antoine de, Anecdotes du Nord [1 reference]

La Plaigne, Capt. Emmanuel Pierre de (ex-prisoner) [1 reference]

La Plant, Joseph (of the Ranger) [1 reference]

Laporte, Arnauld de [2 references + 1 subentry]

La Porte, M. de (marine intendant at Brest) [3 references]

La Poterie, Chevalier de [1 reference]

Lappington [See redirect]

La Prévalaye, M. de [2 references]

Larieu, Mr. (a Frenchman) [2 references]

La Rive, Jean Mauduit de (actor) [1 reference]

Lark (British frigate) [1 reference]

La Rocatelles, M. de (French officer) [1 reference]

La Roche, Abbé de [1 reference]

La Roche, officer on La Sensible [3 references]

La Rochefoucauld d'Anville, Duchesse de [1 reference]

La Rochefoucauld d'Anville (Enville), Louis Alexandre, Duc de [3 references + 6 subentries]

La Rochefoucauld family, and Noailles family [1 reference]

La Rochefoucauld, François de Marsillac, Duc de [1 reference + 1 subentry]

La Rochelle, France [17 references]

La Rouërie, Armand Charles Tuffin, Marquis de [1 reference]

Larrey, Thomas Isaac, Baron de (secy. to William V) [3 subentries]

Larsen, Roy E. [1 reference]

La Ruilliere [See redirect]

Larwood, Van Hasselt, & Van Suchtelen (Amsterdam mercantile firm) [3 references]

Lasoubs, Abraham (broker in Leyden) [2 references]

Lassore & Co. [3 references]

Lataque, M. de (of Bordeaux) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Lathrop (Lothrop), Rev. John [4 references + 1 subentry]

Lathrop (or Lothrop), Sullivan [4 references]

Lathrop (or Lothrop), Thomas [4 references]

Lathrop, William (Isaac) [2 references]

Latin language [10 references + 13 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Latin School on Singel [See redirect]

La Touche, Comte de (of the Aigle) [3 references]

LaTouche, John de, Commander [1 reference]

LaTouche, de v. the Industry [2 references]

La Touche-Tréville, Comte de (father of Louis) [1 subentry]

La Touche-Tréville, Louis René Madeleine Le Vassor, Comte de (of the Hermione) [7 references]

La Tour, Count [2 references]

Lattré (Bordeaux stationer) [1 reference]

La Tuelliere, M. de (French consul at Madeira) [2 references]

Latvia [1 reference]

Laucher, S. [See redirect]

Laud, William, Archbishop of Canterbury [4 references]

Laughton v. Pitts et al., Form XXVI [3 references]

Laughton, H., witness, No. 59 [1 reference]

Laughton, Henry, in No. 17 [1 reference]

Laughton, William, plaintiff, Form XXVI [1 reference]

Launay, Chevalier de [1 reference]

Laundry, Capt. Pierre [See redirect]

Lauraguais, Louis Léon Félicité de Brancas, Comte de [3 subentries]

Laurance (Laurence), John (judge advocate in Continental Army) [3 references]

Laurence, Capt., of Earl of Dunmore [2 references]

Laurence, Capt. Jason (of the General Arnold) [1 reference]

Laurence (Lawrence), Nathaniel (H.C. 1787) [2 subentries]

Laurence, William [1 reference]

Laurens, Henry (of S.C.) [174 subentries + 4 “see also” entries]

Laurens, Henry, Jr. (son of Henry) [4 references + 8 subentries]

Laurens, James (brother of Henry) [3 references + 1 subentry]

Laurens, Col. John (son of Henry) [12 references + 30 subentries]

Laurens, M. (of Treptow, Germany) [1 subentry]

Laurens, Martha Manning (wife of John) [2 references]

Laurens, Martha (daughter of Henry) [1 reference + 5 subentries]

Laurens, Mary Eleanor (daughter of Henry) [3 references]

Laurens, Mary Holland (wife of James) [1 reference]

Laurens, Miss, daughter of Henry Laurens [1 reference]

Laurie, Capt. Walter Sloane, on burial of Joseph Warren in Charlestown [1 reference]

Lauzun, Armand Louis de Gontout, Duc de (French army officer) [9 references]

Laval, Anne Aléxandre Marie Sulpice de Montmorency, Marquis de (French army) [1 reference]

Laval, Mathieu Paul Louis de Montmorency, Vicomte de (French army) [1 reference]

Laval, de, Paris merchant [1 reference]

La Vauguyon, Paul François de Quélen de Stuer de Caussade, Duc de (French ambassador to the Netherlands) [11 references + 80 subentries]

Lavit, Abraham, Constable of Scarborough [1 reference]

L'avocat pour et contre [2 references]

Law and Lawyers [38 subentries + 14 “see also” entries]

Law civil [See redirect]

Law clerks, JA's [1 reference]

Law merchant [2 subentries]

Law of Arrests, The [3 references]

Law of nations [16 references + 17 subentries]

Law of nature [6 references + 5 subentries]

Law, John [2 references]

Law, Richard (delegate from Conn.) [3 references]

Law, William, Serious Call [1 reference]

Lawful money [See redirect]

Lawrence, Abel (passenger on the Active) [5 references]

Lawrence, John, colonial treasurer of Conn. [1 reference]

Lawrence, John, in list of candidates for naval appointments [1 reference]

Lawrence, Lovey [See redirect]

Lawrence, Rev. William (of Lincoln) [3 references]

Lawrence, of Braintree [2 references]

Laws and Liberties [2 references]

Lawson, Col. Robert [2 references]

Lawsuits [6 references]

Lea v. Libb [1 reference]

Lea v. Luthell (Luther) [1 reference]

Leach, John [4 references + 1 subentry]

Lead [1 reference + 11 subentries]

League of Armed Neutrality [See redirect]

Learned [See redirect]

Learned Pig, The [4 references]

Learned, Col. Ebenezer [3 references + 4 subentries]

Learned, Ebenezer (H.C. 1787) [2 references + 6 subentries]

Leasomes [1 reference]

Leasowes, The (Brit. estate) [6 references]

Leather [1 reference]

Leathers, Martha (wife of Joseph, JQA's Newburyport landlady) [3 references]

Leavitt [See redirect]

Leavitt, Dr. Martin (of Hingham) [3 references]

Lebanon, Conn. [6 references]

Lebanon, N.Y. [1 reference]

Lebanon, Penn. [1 reference]

Le Baron, M. (Dieppe merchant) [3 references]

Le Bel, M. (of Courier de l'Amérique) [3 references]

Le Bertin, M. [2 references]

Le Blanch, M. [2 references]

Le Blond, Guillaume, Treatise of Artillery [2 references]

Le Breton, John [1 reference]

Le Breton, M. (of Courier de l'Amérique) [3 references]

Lebrun (of Dieppe, France) [1 reference]

Le Brun, Augustin, French officer in Amer. [1 reference]

Le Brun, M., letter to Commissioners listed [1 reference]

Le Brun (innkeeper of La Coruña) [2 references]

Lechmere Point, East Cambridge, Mass. [5 subentries]

Lechmere, Petition of, No. 44 [25 references]

Lechmere, Richard [2 subentries]

Lechmere, Thomas (Surveyor General of Customs), petitioner, No. 44 [4 references]

Leclerc, Jean [2 references]

Le Clerc, Nicholas G. C., Histoire . . . de la Russie [1 reference]

Le Coeur, M. [3 subentries]

Le Comte, F. H. (of Bordeaux) [1 reference]

Le Couteulx & Co. (Paris bankers) [4 references]

Le Couteulx, M. [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Le Coutieu, House of [1 reference]

Ledyard, John [1 reference]

Ledyard, Lt. Col. William, killed [1 reference]

Lee (Mass. privateer) [3 references]

Lee Mill Bridge, England [1 reference]

Lee family, of Brookline, Mass. [1 reference]

Lee family, of Va. [7 references + 1 subentry]

Lee v. Bancroft [See redirect]

Lee v. Boothby [1 reference]

Lee v. Crowningshield [See redirect]

Lee v. Goodhue [1 reference]

Lee v. Shillaber [1 reference]

Lee, Alice [See redirect]

Lee, Ann Amory McLean (wife of William) [1 reference]

Lee, Anne Gaskins (wife of Richard Henry) [2 references]

Lee, Arthur (diplomat, Va. member of Congress) [7 references + 199 subentries + 3 “see also” entries]

Lee (Leigh), Benjamin, witness, Nos. 63 and 64 [8 references]

Lee, Maj. Gen. Charles [10 references + 43 subentries]

Lee, Continental armed vessel [2 references]

Lee, Edward, witness, No. 62 [1 reference]

Lee, Francis Lightfoot (Va. member of Congress) [11 references + 3 subentries]

Lee, Maj. Henry (“Light Horse Harry”) [2 references + 1 subentry]

Lee, Col. Jeremiah (of Marblehead) [7 references + 5 subentries]

Lee, Capt. John (of the Fancy) [4 references]

Lee, John (Brit. solicitor-general) [3 references]

Lee, Judge Joseph [5 references + 2 subentries]

Lee, Capt. Joseph [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph (of Cambridge) [1 reference]

Lee, Mr., witness, No. 59 [1 reference]

Lee, Nathaniel (British playwright) [2 references]

Lee, Philip Ludwell [2 references]

Lee, Rebecca Tayloe (wife of Francis Lightfoot) [2 references]

Lee, Richard [2 subentries]

Lee, Richard Henry (grandson of Arthur) [2 references + 1 subentry]

Lee, Richard Henry (Va. member of Congress) [3 references + 69 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Lee, Thomas (Boston merchant) [3 references]

Lee, Thomas Ludwell [4 references]

Lee, Thomas, of Va., father of the Va. Lee brothers [1 reference]

Lee, Sheriff William [1 reference]

Lee, William (brother of Arthur and Richard Henry) [11 references + 82 subentries]

Lee, Col. William Raymond [4 references + 2 subentries]

Lee-Neufville treaty (1778) [9 references + 18 subentries]

Leech [See redirect]

Leeds, Duke of [See redirect]

Leeds, England [2 references]

Leenhof de l'Espierve, at The Hague [1 reference]

Leeward Islands [6 references]

Lefark, Mme. (housekeeper at Passy) [1 reference]

Lefavour (Le Febure), Rebecca [1 reference]

Lefavour, John [1 reference]

Lefebre, Anne [See redirect]

Lefevre, M. [2 references]

Le Fèvre, of Paris [2 references]

Legacy, action for [2 subentries]

Legarde, Capt. de (of the Mars) [1 reference]

Leger, Lt. Edward (of the Hornet) [3 references]

Legge, William, 1st Earl of Dartmouth [2 references]

Legge, William, 2d Earl of Dartmouth [17 references]

Leghorn (Livorno), Italy [13 references]

Leghorn, The [1 reference]

Legislative history [See redirect]

Legislative relief, private [3 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Leglise v. Champante [1 reference]

Legrand, Marc Antoine [3 subentries]

Le Havre, France [See redirect]

Lehigh River [3 references]

Leibnitz, Gottfried Wilhelm, Baron von [1 reference]

Leicester, Mass. [4 references + 1 subentry]

Leicester, Robert Dudley, Earl of [3 references]

Leigh, Egerton [1 reference]

Leipzig, Germany [3 references]

Leith, Scotland [1 reference]

Le Loutre, and French Neutrals [1 reference]

Lely, Sir Peter (Dutch artist) [2 references]

Lely, Van der, at The Hague [1 reference]

Le Maire, Capt. Jacques [2 references + 4 subentries]

Lemarchand, M. (secy. to La Vauguyon) [2 subentries]

Lemath, Comte de (French army) [1 reference]

Lemierre, Antoine Marin [1 subentry]

Le Moine, first commissary of the French Navy [2 references]

Le Moine [2 references]

Lemon, John (prisoner at Dinan, France) [2 references]

Lemonnier, Guillaume Antoine, Abbé, Comédies de Térence [1 reference]

Lemons [1 reference]

Le Moule, Guadeloupe [1 reference]

Lemoyne (naval commissary at Bordeaux) [1 reference]

Lempriere, Clement [1 reference]

Lenel (Linnell?), Elisha, witness, No. 43 [5 references]

L'Enfant, Pierre Charles [4 subentries]

Lenham, Inhabitants of, v. Inhabitants of Peckham [1 reference]

Lennep, Van, student at Latin Academy [1 reference]

Lennox (British ship of the line) [1 reference]

Lennox, Charles, 3d Duke of Richmond and Lennox [10 references + 2 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Le Norina (Cadiz merchant) [1 reference]

Lenox, Duke of [1 “see also” entry]

León, Spain [8 references + 3 subentries]

Leonard (Lennard), Rev. Abiel (of Woodstock, Conn.) [6 references]

Leonard family, of Taunton, Mass. [2 references]

Leonard, Daniel (loyalist) [2 references + 15 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Leonard, Ephraim [2 references]

Leonard, George, Jr. (d. 1819) [1 reference]

Leonard, George, Sr. [2 references]

Leonard, George, leader of marauding tories [1 reference]

Leonard, Jonathan (H.C. 1786) [1 reference]

Leonard, Lucy [2 references]

Leonard, Maj., of Raynham, Mass. [1 reference]

Leonard, Miss (of Haverhill?) [1 reference]

Leonard, Miss, Philadelphia landlady [1 reference]

Leonard, Mr., Mass. loyalist [1 reference]

Leonard, Sarah Hamock (wife of Daniel) [1 reference]

Leonard, Dr. William [2 references]

Leonard, Zephaniah [1 reference]

Leontidas [1 reference]

Leopard Brittanique [2 references]

Leopold I, Grand Duke of Tuscany (later Leopold II, German Emperor) [10 references]

L'Epée, Charles Michael, Abbé de [2 references]

Lepidus [1 reference]

Leppington, Betsy [2 references + 2 subentries]

Leppington, Rebecca (Becky) [2 references]

Le Prestre de Vauban, Sebastian, works by [2 references]

Le Ray [See redirect]

Lerouge, George Louis [1 reference]

Le Roy, Charles, Traité de l'orthographie françoise [4 references]

Le Roy, Daniel (son of Jacob) [1 reference]

Le Roy, Genesee County, N.Y. [1 reference]

Le Roy, Herman (JA's Dutch translator and N.Y. merchant) [11 references + 6 subentries]

Le Roy, Jacob (father of Herman) [4 references]

Leroy, Jean Baptiste [2 references + 2 subentries]

Le Roy, Louis Gabriel, letters to Commissioners listed [2 references]

Le Roy, M. (tailor) [1 reference]

Le Roy, Mme., of Paris [1 reference]

Lerrey, Thomas Isaac, Baron de (secy. to William V) [2 references]

Le Sage, Alain René [3 subentries]

Le Sage, Augs., letters from JA listed [2 references + 1 subentry]

Leslie, Gen. Alexander (British) [18 references + 1 subentry]

Lespinasse, Louis Nicoles de, drawing by [1 reference]

Lessee, action against [2 references]

Lestevenon van Berkenrode, Mattheus (Dutch ambassador to France) [9 references]

Lestock (Lestac), Rear Adm. Richard (British) [2 references]

L'Estocq, Johann Herman, Count [2 references]

Le Texier [See redirect]

Le Texier (Le Texel), Mme. Pierre, of Bordeau [See redirect]

Lethe (river of Hades) [7 references]

Létombe, Philippe André Joseph de (French consul in Boston) [13 references + 5 subentries]

Le Trosne, G. F., Administration provinciale [1 reference]

Letters of John Adams, Addressed to His Wife [3 references]

Letters of Mrs. Adams [1 reference]

Letters of marque [See redirect]

Letters to the Earl of Hillsborough from Bernard, Gage and His Majesty's Council [1 reference]

Letters to the Ministry from Bernard, Gage, and Hood [4 references]

Letters Writ by a Turkish Spy ... at Paris [1 reference]

Lettres hollandoises (Brussels journal) [1 reference + 1 “see also” entry]

Leuctra, battle of [1 reference]

Le Vaillant [See redirect]

Levant [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Levari facias [See redirect]

Le Veau, Jean-Jacques [1 reference]

Le Veillard, Louis Guillaume (French army) [5 references + 3 subentries]

Leveller (British privateer) [1 reference]

Le Veneur, Vicomte [1 reference]

Levêque (JA's servant) [2 references]

Lever, Sir Ashton (Brit. naturalist) [6 references + 1 subentry]

Lever, principle of the [2 references]

Leveret, Israel [See redirect]

Leverett (bookseller), in No. 12 [2 references]

Leverett, John [2 subentries]

Leverett, Mrs. [1 reference]

Levet, Mr., farms hay on Grape Island [1 reference]

Leveux (Leveaux), James (Amer. agent at Calais) [1 reference + 2 subentries]

Levinz, Sir Creswell [2 subentries]

Lewd, lascivious, and wanton behavior, crime, No. 23 [1 reference]

Lewe, E. (secy. of Provincial States of Groningen) [1 reference]

Lewis v. Wallis [1 reference]

Lewis, Dr. (of Va.) [1 reference]

Lewis, Brig. Gen. Andrew [4 subentries]

Lewis, Francis (delegate from N.Y.) [9 references]

Lewis, Joseph, witness, No. 36 [1 reference]

Lewis, Lot, deposition, No. 58 [7 references]

Lewis, William [1 reference]

Lex Coronae [See redirect]

Lex Forestae [See redirect]

Lex Naturae [See redirect]

Lex Terrae [See redirect]

Lex et Consuetudo Parliamenti [See redirect]

Lex mercatoriae [See redirect]

Lex talionis [9 references]

Lexington (Continental brig) [6 references]

Lexington and Concord, Battles of (1775) [34 references + 5 subentries]

Lexington, Mass. [5 references]

Ley Oleron [See redirect]

Leyden Gazette [See redirect]

Leyden, Netherlands [25 references + 27 subentries]

Leyden, University of [3 references + 10 subentries]

L'Hommedieu, Ezra (N.Y. member of Congress) [1 reference]

Liability, limitation of (maritime) [1 reference]

Liability, vicarious [See redirect]

Liano [See redirect]

Libbee, Nathaniel, deposition, No. 58 [1 reference]

Libbey, Jeremiah (N.H. postmaster) [2 references]

Libby, Jotham, witness, No. 2 [1 reference]

Libel (pleading term) [2 subentries]

Libel (tort) [See redirect]

Libel, criminal [4 references]

Liberty (Dutch ship) [6 references]

Liberty (John Hancock's sloop) [3 references + 6 subentries]

Liberty Tree, Sign of the (Robinson's tavern), Dorchester, Mass. [1 reference]

Liberty party [1 reference]

Liberty poles [1 reference]

Liberty song [1 reference]

Liberty, suits for [See redirect]

Libourne, France [2 references]

Librarians [3 references]

Libraries [13 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Library Company of Philadelphia [5 references]

Library of Congress [2 references + 2 subentries]

Library of law books [3 subentries]

Licensed houses [See redirect]

Licenses [See redirect]

Licorne (French frigate) [1 reference]

Liège, Belgium [7 references]

Liège, Bishop of [1 reference]

Liège, Bishopric of [2 references]

Life Magazine [1 reference]

Life of the Czar, Peter the Great [1 reference]

Lightfoot, Robert [1 reference]

Lightfoot, Thomas [2 references]

Lighthouses [4 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Lighthouse Channel, Boston Harbor [1 reference]

Lighthouse Island, Boston Harbor [1 reference]

Lightning rods [1 reference]

Lille, Belgium [3 references]

Lille, France [2 references]

Lillie, Theophilus, in No. 59 [3 references]

Lillo, George, The London Merchant [1 reference]

Lilly, John [3 subentries]

Lilly, William [1 subentry]

Lillybaeum [1 reference]

Lima, Peru [2 references]

Limerick, Ireland [1 reference]

Limitations, statutes of [2 subentries]

Linch [See redirect]

Lincoln County Courthouse, Pownalborough, Maine [3 references]

Lincoln County, Maine [6 references + 3 subentries]

Lincoln v. Parr [1 reference]

Lincoln, Abner (H.C. 1788) [3 subentries]

Lincoln, Dr. Bela (1734-1773, 1st husband of Hannah Quincy) [1 reference + 5 subentries]

Lincoln, Maj. Gen. (U.S.) Benjamin [21 references + 38 subentries]

Lincoln, Benjamin, Jr. (son of Gen. Benjamin) [2 references + 2 subentries]

Lincoln, Benjamin, Sr. (militia officer of Hingham, father of Gen. Benjamin) [1 reference]

Lincoln, Elisha [2 references]

Lincoln, Elizabeth [2 references]

Lincoln, Elizabeth Whitcomb (wife of Ezekiel) [1 reference]

Lincoln, Ezekiel [1 reference]

Lincoln, Hannah Quincy (wife of Bela) [1 reference + 2 “see also” entries]

Lincoln, Mr. (Henry? Benjamin, Jr.?) [1 reference]

Lincoln, Rev. Henry (H.C. 1786) [2 references + 3 subentries]

Lincoln, Gov. Levi [5 references]

Lincoln, Lady Lucy (of London) [1 reference]

Lincoln, Mary (Polly) Otis (wife of Benjamin, Jr.) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Lincoln, Mass. [9 references + 3 subentries]

Lincoln, Sally [2 references]

Lincoln, Theodore (son of Gen. Benjamin) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Lincoln, William, History of Worcester, Mass. [1 reference]

Lincoln, and Phi Beta Kappa [1 reference]

Lincoln, of Worcester, Mass. [1 reference]

Lincolnshire, England [3 references]

Linde, Irish schoolmaster in Ferrol, Spain [2 references]

Linden [1 “see also” entry]

Linden, Baron de [See redirect]

Lindheim, M. de (Dutch officer) [1 subentry]

Lindsey, Rev. Theophilus, identified [1 reference]

Linel, Stephen [1 reference]

Linen [3 subentries]

Linguet, Simon Nicolas Henri [4 subentries]

Linkensdorf, Lewis de [1 reference]

Linley, Thomas (Brit. composer) [1 reference]

Linn, Dr. John L. [2 references]

Linnaeus (Carl von Linné) [1 reference]

Linnell, Samuel [2 references]

Linnell, Samuel, Jr., witness, No. 43 [1 reference]

Linzee, John, identified [1 reference]

Lion (Amer. privateer) [1 reference]

Lion (British ship of the line) [1 reference]

Lion, ship [See redirect]

Lionet [See redirect]

Lions Whelp (ship) [1 reference]

Lippe-Schaumbourg, Frederic Guillaume Ernest, Comte de [3 references]

Lippincott, J. B., & Co. [1 subentry]

Lippincott, Capt. Richard (loyalist) [3 references]

Lisbon, Portugal [26 references + 2 subentries]

Lisle, David [1 reference]

L'isle, Mr. de (of Göteborg) [2 references]

Lissalde, Laborde, letter to Commissioners listed [1 reference]

Litchfield, Conn. [1 reference]

Litchfield, John [3 references]

Litchfield, Mrs. (wife of John) [1 reference]

Litchfield, N.H. [3 references]

Literary characters [33 subentries]

Lithgow, Col., of Georgetown, Mass. [1 reference]

Lithgow, William [1 reference]

Lithgow, William (of Maine) [1 reference]

Little Brewster Island (Beacon Island), Boston Harbor [1 reference + 1 “see also” entry]

Little Egg Harbor, N.J. [2 references]

Little Hannah (British brig) [2 references]

Little Porga (Mass. privateer brigantine) [1 reference]

Little Turtle (Indian chief) [2 references]

Little, Capt. and Mrs., tavernkeepers of Kingston, Mass. [1 reference]

Little, Rev. Daniel [3 subentries]

Little, Col. Moses (of Newbury) [2 references + 2 subentries]

Little, Moses (H.C. 1787) [1 reference + 15 subentries]

Little, Moses, witness, No. 7 [1 reference]

Little, Mrs., witness, No. 23 [2 references]

Little, Thomas, defendant, No. 23 [1 reference]

Little, William, witness, No. 23 [1 reference]

Littlefield, Peletiah (tavernkeeper of Wells, Maine) [3 references]

Littlepage, Lewis [1 reference]

Littleton, Adam [1 subentry]

Littleton, Sir Thomas [6 references + 1 “see also” entry]

Lively (British frigate) [10 references]

Livermore, Samuel [1 reference]

Liverpool (British frigate) [4 references]

Liverpool, Charles Jenkinson 1st earl of [See redirect]

Liverpool, England [17 references]

Livestock [2 references + 9 subentries]

Livingston family (of N.Y.) [5 references]

Livingston, Abraham [2 references]

Livingston, Abraham (of S.C.) [5 references + 1 subentry]

Livingston, Henry Brockholst (Jay's brother-in-law) [5 references]

Livingston, Henry G., identified [1 reference]

Livingston, J. R. [1 reference]

Livingston, James [2 references]

Livingston, Janet [See redirect]

Livingston, Rev. John Henry [1 reference]

Livingston, Mr., sings at R. H. Lee's [1 reference]

Livingston, Muscoe [2 references + 17 subentries]

Livingston, Peter Van Brugh [4 references]

Livingston, Philip (delegate from N.Y.) [7 references + 5 subentries]

Livingston, Philip (d. 1756), in Harvard class of 1755 [1 reference]

Livingston, Robert R. (U.S. secy. for foreign affairs, chancellor of N.Y.) [15 references + 92 subentries]

Livingston, Sarah Van Brugh [See redirect]

Livingston, Susan (of N.Y.) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Livingston, Walter (N.Y. member of Congress) [7 references + 1 subentry]

Livingston, Gov. William (of N.J.) [17 references + 12 subentries]

Livingston, son of Peter Livingston [1 reference]

Livius, Peter [1 reference]

Livonia, province of Russia [4 references]

Livy [5 references + 3 subentries]

Llano y de la Quadra, Sebastián de, Conde de Sanafé and Vizconde Llano (Spanish minister to the Netherlands) [1 reference + 19 subentries]

Lloyd [1 “see also” entry]

Lloyd, Henry (Boston loyalist) [1 reference + 2 subentries]

Lloyd, Gen. Henry (British) [1 subentry]

Lloyd, Henry (Welsh) [3 subentries]

Lloyd (Loyd), Dr. James, Sr. (of Boston) [5 references + 3 subentries]

Lloyd, James, Jr. (H.C. 1787) [1 reference + 5 subentries]

Lloyd, John [1 reference + 9 subentries]

Lloyd, Mrs. (wife of John) [1 reference + 3 subentries]

Lloyd (Loyd), Mr., in controversy over brig [1 reference]

Lloyd, Sir Richard (Dean of the Arches) [1 reference]

Lloyd, Mrs. (wife of Richard B.) [1 reference]

Lloyd, Richard Bennet [7 references + 1 subentry]

Lloyd, T. A. [1 subentry]

Lloyd, Dr., in Boston Massacre Trials [4 references]

Lloyd, of Boston [1 reference]

Lloyd's Evening Post (London) [1 reference]

Lloyd's insurance brokers [3 references + 6 subentries]

Loan Office (Continental) [3 references + 6 subentries]

Loan Office (Va.) [1 reference]

Loan consortium (Wilhem & Jan Willink, Nicolaas & Jacob van Staphorst, and De la Lande & Fynje) [24 subentries]

Loans [56 subentries]

Loans, American states [3 subentries]

Loans, Dutch-American (1781, Neufville) [5 subentries]

Loans, Dutch-American (1782, consortium) [39 subentries]

Loans, European [5 references]

Locatio et conductio [2 subentries]

Lochée, Lewis [1 reference]

Lock and Key, The [See redirect]

Lock, Dan(?) [1 reference]

Locke, Capt. John (of Cape Cod) [6 references]

Lock, Samuel, witness, No. 59 [1 reference]

Lock, Samuell (of the Ranger) [1 reference]

Locke, John [7 references + 13 subentries]

Locke, Rev. Samuel (JA's Harvard classmate) [4 references + 1 subentry]

Lockhart v. Hardy [1 reference]

Locksmith [1 reference]

Lockwood, Rev. James [1 reference]

Locminé, France [1 reference]

Loder, Marie [See redirect]

Loder, Mme., of The Hague [2 references]

Loder, Mr. [1 reference]

Lodestone [1 reference]

Lodowick, Duke of Lenox [2 references]

Loenen, Netherlands [1 reference]

Logan Act [1 reference]

Logan, Dr. George [3 subentries]

Logan, John [1 subentry]

Logic [3 references]

Log Jail, N.J. [2 references]

Lohman, Mr. (president of States General) [3 references]

Loire River, France [9 references]

London, City of, v. Wood [3 references]

London Chronicle [14 references + 10 subentries]

London College of Physicians [1 reference]

London Courant and Westminster Chronicle [2 references + 17 subentries]

London Evening Post [16 references]

London Gazette [26 references]

London Magazine [5 references]

London Morning Chronicle [1 reference]

London Packet [8 references]

London Packet; or New Lloyd's Evening Post [2 references]

London Petition (1640) [1 reference]

London Public Advertiser [1 reference]

London Public Ledger [1 reference]

London, England [5 references + 137 subentries + 2 “see also” entries]

Londonderry, N.H. [5 references]

Long Island, Battle of [18 references + 4 subentries]

Long Island, Boston Harbor [3 references + 6 subentries]

Long Island, N.Y. [17 references + 8 subentries]

Long Parliament [1 reference]

Long Reach, Maine [1 reference]

Long Island Sound [2 references]

Long, Sir James (of Essex, England) [1 subentry]

Long, Nicholas [2 subentries]

Longinus, Cassius [2 references + 1 subentry]

Longman v. Mein [1 subentry]

Longman, Thomas (London bookseller) [2 subentries]

Longman, appellant, v. Mein [1 reference]

Longmans, Green & County, Ltd. [1 reference]

“Looker On, A” [See redirect]

Looking-glasses, as tribute to Barbary Powers [1 reference]

Loomis, tavernkeeper of Southwick, Mass. [1 reference]

Loosduinen, Netherlands [2 references]

Loosjes, Adriaan Pieterszoon (Dutch writer) [4 subentries]

Lopez, Anthony [1 reference]

Lord Chatham (British ship) [1 reference + 3 subentries]

Lord, Dr. Joseph(?), inoculates against smallpox in Boston [4 references]

Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations [See redirect]

Lorient, France [9 references + 22 subentries]

Loring, Dr. [2 subentries]

Loring v. Loring, Form XVIII [1 reference]

Loring, Ignatius, in Form XVIII [1 reference]

Loring, Joanna Quincy Thaxter (wife of Thomas) [2 references + 1 subentry]

Loring, Dr. John, witness, No. 60 [1 reference]

Loring, John, witness, No. 59 [1 reference]

Loring, Joseph (H.C. 1786) [3 references]

Loring, Joshua [7 references]

Loring, Levi, deposition, No. 34 [1 reference]

Loring, Lydia (wife of Caleb), in Form XVIII [1 reference]

Loring, Mary, defendant, Form XVIII [1 reference]

Loring, Mr., defendant, No. 34 [1 reference]

Loring, Otis [1 reference]

Loring, Pirez, witness, No. 34 [1 reference]

Loring, Policarpus, in Form XVIII [1 reference]

Loring, Thomas, Jr. (of Hingham) [1 reference]

Loring, Thomas, plaintiff, Form XVIII [1 reference]

Loring, tavernkeeper of Maine [1 reference]

Lorings Hill [See redirect]

Lormier, M. de [1 reference]

Lorrain, Claude [See redirect]

Lorthorpe [See redirect]

Lossing, Benson J. [1 reference]

“Lost or not lost,” effect of phrase in insurance policy, No. 10 [2 references]

Lothair II, emperor and German king, discovers Justinian's Pandects [1 reference]

Lothian, Marquis of [See redirect]

Lothrop [1 “see also” entry]

Lothrop (owner of Dolphin) [1 reference]

Lothrop, Deborah [See redirect]

Lothrop, Isaac [2 references + 3 subentries]

Lothrop, John, witness, No. 43 [2 references]

Lothrop, Mrs. (wife of Nathaniel) [4 references + 2 subentries]

Lothrop (Lorthrope), Dr. Nathaniel [2 subentries]

Lothrop, Thomas, in No. 1 [2 references]

Lothrop, Thomas, juror, No. 59 [3 references]

Lott, Abraham P. [1 reference]

Lotter, Christian (servant) [2 subentries]

Lotter, F. (servant) [1 reference + 3 subentries]

Lotteries [6 references]

Lottery, Continental [5 references]

Louchlen, Samuel, in Form XX [2 references]

Louden, Abner, witness, No. 34 [1 reference]

Loudon, Samuel [2 subentries]

Loudoun, Earl of [See redirect]

Loudoun, tavernkeeper of Fishkill, N.Y. [1 reference]

Loughborough, Alexander Wedderburn, 1st Baron of (chief justice of the court of common pleas) [1 reference + 1 “see also” entry]

Loughryan (Lock Ryan), Scotland [1 reference]

Louis XI, King of France [1 reference]

Louis XIV, King of France [22 references]

Louis XV, King of France [9 references + 7 subentries]

Louis XVI, King of France [9 references + 53 subentries]

Louis XVIII, King of France [1 reference + 1 “see also” entry]

Louis IX, King of France (St. Louis) [2 references]

Louis Charles (later Louis XVII of France) [9 references]

Louis Joseph Xavier François, dauphin of France [12 references]

Louis Philippe, King of France [2 references]

Louis, Antoine, secretary of Académie royale de chirurgie [1 reference]

Louis, Caughnawaga Indian [1 reference]

Louis, Dauphin (father of Louis XVI) [1 reference]

Louisbourg, Nova Scotia [4 references + 5 subentries]

Louise Ulrica, dowager Queen of Sweden [1 reference]

Louisiana [7 references]

Lousyssen, Johannes, & Zoon (Dutch mercantile firm) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Louvain, Belgium [1 reference]

Louveciennes, estate of Mme. Du Barry near Paris [2 references]

Louvestein, Castle of, Netherlands [1 reference]

Louvre [See redirect]

Lovatt (Lovat), Capt., master of the Rambler [3 references]

Lovatt (Leavitt), Jonathan, tavernkeeper of Hampton, N.H. [2 references]

Love Laughs at Locksmiths [See redirect]

Love in Humble Life [See redirect]

Love in a Village [See redirect]

Love in the City [See redirect]

Love, Capt. (of the ship Rosamond) [2 subentries]

Love, James (pseud.) [See redirect]

Lovejoy, tavernkeeper of Pownalborough, Maine [1 reference]

Lovel v. Reed [1 reference]

Lovelace (character in Clarissa Harlow) [2 references]

Lovell (Lovel), Col., commands militia regiment on Point Allerton [1 reference]

Lovell cipher [6 subentries]

Lovell v. Ward [1 reference]

Lovell, James (Mass. member of Congress) [1 reference + 162 subentries + 3 “see also” entries]

Lovell, James, Jr. (H.C. 1787) [4 references + 3 subentries]

Lovell, John, Boston schoolmaster [3 references]

Lovell, Mary (daughter of James Lovell, later wife of Mark Pickard) [1 reference]

Lovell, Mary Middleton (wife of James) [1 reference + 6 subentries]

Lovell, Mr., in No. 64 [1 reference]

Lovell, Patience [See redirect]

Lovell, Rachel [See redirect]

Lovell, Gen. Solomon [2 references]

Lovell's Island, Boston Harbor [4 references + 2 subentries]

Loveney, John (of Amsterdam) [2 subentries]

“Lover of Justice, A” [See redirect]

Lover, Johannes de, & Sons (Amsterdam mercantile firm) [1 reference]

Lovers' Quarrels [See redirect]

Lovett, Capt. Benjamin (of the Rambler) [7 references]

Lovisa, Finland [1 reference]

Low, Cornelius [1 reference]

Low, Mrs. (wife of Cornelius) [1 reference]

Low, David (of London) [1 reference]

Low, Herr von (German official) [1 reference + 3 subentries]

Low, Isaac (N.Y. member of Congress) [3 subentries]

Low, Thomas (of the Ranger) [1 reference]

Low, William (captain) [1 reference]

Low, relative of Isaac Low [1 reference]

Low Countries [2 See redirects]

Lowell, James Russell [1 reference]

Lowell, Judge John (1743-1802) [17 references + 39 subentries]

Lowell, John (1769-1840) [3 subentries]

Lowell, Rebecca Russell Tyng (2d wife of John, 1743-1802) [2 references]

Lowell, Sarah Higginson (1st wife of John, 1743-1802) [2 subentries]

Lower Counties [See redirect]

Lowestoft, England [1 reference]

Lowndes, Rawlins [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Lowrie, James, defendant, Form XI [1 reference]

Lowther et ux. v. Kelly [2 references]

Loyal American (Mass. privateer sloop) [1 reference]

Loyalists [2 references + 152 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Loyal Nine [1 reference]

Loyauté, Anne Philippe-Dieudonné de [2 references]

Loyd [See redirect]

Luard, Peter [1 reference]

Lubeck, Germany [4 references]

Luc, Charles Emmanuel Marie Magdelon de Vintemille, Marquis du (French army) [1 reference]

Lucan, Lady Margaret [See redirect]

Lucan, Baron, Irish peer [1 reference]

Lucan, Lord Charles [See redirect]

Lucanus, Marcus Annaeus, Pharsalia [1 reference]

Lucas, Abiel [1 reference]

Lucca, Italy [1 reference]

Lucian [1 reference]

Lucking v. Denning [1 reference]

Lucretia (Roman heroine) [4 references]

Lucretia (ship) [5 references]

Lucretius [2 references]

Lucullus [2 references]

Ludden, Mr. [1 reference]

Ludie, Marquis de (French army) [1 reference]

“Ludlow” [See redirect]

Ludwell, Lucy [See redirect]

Ludwick (Ludwig), Christopher [2 subentries]

Luetkens, T. T. [1 reference]

Luetkins, T. T., & Sons [1 subentry]

Lufkin, Nathaniel, witness, No. 32 [1 reference]

Lufkin, Thomas, witness, No. 32 [1 reference]

Lugiando [See redirect]

Lugo, Spain [8 references]

Lumber [3 references]

Lummus, Porter (H.C. 1786) [1 reference]

Lumsdale, Capt. Alexander (of the Hope) [1 reference]

Luna, Comte de [1 reference]

Lunenburg, Mass. [10 references]

Lung fever [1 reference]

Lusanna (sometimes Susannah; brig) [2 references + 3 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Lusi, Spiridion, Graf von (Prussian minister to Britain) [3 references + 1 subentry]

Lusignan, Comte de [1 reference]

Luther, Martin [2 references]

Lutheran Church [2 references + 2 subentries]

Lux, Catharine Biddle (wife of George) [1 reference]

Lux, George [2 references + 2 subentries]

Lux, Mrs. (wife of William) [1 reference]

Lux, William [1 reference]

Luxembourg [1 reference]

Luxembourg, Chevalier de (lessor of South Carolina) [2 references + 1 subentry]

Luxembourg, François Henri de Montmorency-Bouteville, Duc de [2 references]

Luxemburg, M. de [1 reference]

Luyando (Lugiando), Spain [3 references]

Luzac family, of Leyden [1 reference]

Luzac, Elie [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Luzac, Etienne (uncle of the editor) [2 references]

Luzac, Jean (editor of Gazette de Leyde) [6 references + 45 subentries]

Luzac, Jean (father of the editor) [1 reference]

Lycia [1 reference + 1 “see also” entry]

Lycke, Soeren (Copenhagen merchant) [1 reference]

Lycurgus (Spartan lawgiver) [4 references]

“Lycurgus,” pseudonym of newspaper writer [1 reference]

Lyde (Lloyd), Ned [1 reference]

Lyde, Byfield, loyalist [2 references]

Lyde, George (surveyor and searcher) [2 references + 1 subentry]

Lyde, Capt. Nathaniel Byfield (of the Active) [2 references + 11 subentries]

Lyde, T., of Braintree [1 reference]

Lydia (Amer. vessel) [1 reference]

Lydia (brigantine), affair of John Hancock's [4 references]

Lydon v. Campbell [1 reference]

Lyman, Mrs. (wife of Caleb) [See redirect]

Lyman, Caleb, and No. 18 [2 references]

Lyman, Daniel [1 reference]

Lyman, David (ex-prisoner) [1 reference]

Lyman (Lymes), Dr. (ex-prisoner) [1 reference]

Lyman, Rev. Isaac [1 reference + 3 subentries]

Lyman, Dr. Job [2 subentries]

Lyman, Phineas [1 reference]

Lyman, tavernkeeper of Northampton, Mass. [1 reference]

Lyme, Conn. [1 reference]

Lynch, Charles [1 reference]

Lynch, Hannah Motte (wife of Thomas, Sr.) [2 references]

Lynch, Mark (Nantes merchant) [2 references + 4 subentries]

Lynch, Miss, (daughter of Thomas, Sr.) [2 references]

Lynch, Mr. (of Leyden) [2 references]

Lynch, Thomas, Sr. (delegate from S.C.) [2 references + 12 subentries]

Lynde, Judge Benjamin [16 subentries]

Lynden van Blitterswyck, Dirk Wolter (Dutch minister to Britain) [7 references + 10 subentries]

Lynden van Blitterswyck, Willem Carel Hendrik van (Zeeland deputy to States General) [4 references + 5 subentries]

Lynden van Hemmen, Frans Goderten, Baron van (president of States General) [8 references + 3 subentries]

Lynden van Swanenburt, Dirk van [1 reference]

Lynn, Mass. [7 references + 1 subentry]

Lynnhaven Bay, Va. [1 reference]

Lyon, Dr. William(?) [1 reference]

Lyon (ship) [1 reference]

Lyonnais, France [1 reference]

Lyonnet, Pierre (naturalist and savant at The Hague) [1 reference + 3 subentries]

Lyons, France [1 reference]

Lyons, Dr. James (of Va.) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Lyons, Thomas [1 reference]

“Lysander,” pseudonym of unidentified friend of AA2 [1 reference]

Lyttelton, George, 1st Baron (Brit. statesman) [2 references + 3 subentries]

Lyttelton, Lucy Fortescue (wife of George) [1 reference]