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 Adams Papers Indexes | Adams Family Correspondence, Index to volume 8 |  J

JA [See redirect]

JA2 [See redirect]

Jackson, Jonathan (Newburyport merchant) [4 references + 1 subentry]

Jackson, Maj. William (secy. to Washington) [3 references]

Jamaica [2 references]

Jamaica, Long Island [7 subentries]

Jamaica Plain, Mass. [1 reference]

James, Eleazar (Harvard tutor) [1 reference]

Jarvis, Amelia Broome (wife of James) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Jarvis, Dr. Charles (of Boston) [2 references + 1 subentry]

Jarvis, James (of N.Y.) [2 references]

Jay, Ann (Nancy, daughter of John) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Jay, John [23 subentries]

Jay, Maria (daughter of John) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Jay, Peter Augustus (son of John) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Jay, Sarah Van Brugh Livingston (wife of John) [14 subentries]

Jay, William (son of John) [1 reference]

Jebb, Ann Torkington (wife of John) [2 references]

Jebb, Dr. John (Brit. physician) [1 reference]

Jefferson, Martha (Patsy, daughter of Thomas) [5 subentries]

Jefferson, Martha Wayles (wife of Thomas) [1 reference]

Jefferson, Mary (Polly, daughter of Thomas) [19 subentries]

Jefferson, Thomas [43 subentries]

Jeffries, Hannah Hunt (wife of John) [1 reference]

Jeffries, Dr. John (London physician) [6 subentries]

Jenks, John (Salem merchant) [4 references]

Jersey City, N.J [See redirect]

John I, King of England [2 references]

Johnson, Samuel [6 subentries]

Johnson, William Samuel (of Conn.) [1 reference]

Jones, Catherine (of Newburyport) [1 reference]

Jones, Lucy (niece of Cotton Tufts) [3 references]

Jordaens, Jacob (Dutch artist) [1 subentry]

Joseph II, Emperor of Austria [1 reference]

Josselyn, Benjamin (of New Braintree, Mass.) [1 reference]

JQA [See redirect]

Judiciary, U.S. [9 subentries]

Jukes, Francis (engraver) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Juvenal [2 references]