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 Adams Papers Indexes | Adams Family Correspondence, Index to volume 8 |  D

Daggett, Mr. (of Providence, R.I.) [3 references]

Daily Advertiser (N.Y.) [5 references]

Daily Universal Register (London) [1 reference + 1 “see also” entry]

Dalton, Tristram (Newburyport merchant) [6 subentries]

Dana, Elizabeth Ellery (wife of Francis) [4 references]

Dana, Francis (Mass. justice) [6 references]

Dancing [2 references]

Dane, Nathan (of Beverly) [3 references]

Daniel (Adams family servant) [4 references]

Danube River [1 reference]

Danvers, Mass. [1 reference]

Dartmouth, Mass. [2 references]

Davis, Capt. Edward (of the Boston Packet) [5 references]

Davis, Col. Jacob [1 reference]

Dawes, Rev. Ebenezer (of Scituate) [2 references + 1 subentry]

Dawes, Margaret Greenleaf (wife of Thomas) [1 reference]

Dawes, Thomas (Boston lawyer) [6 subentries]

Day, Luke (participant in Shays’ Rebellion) [2 references]

Dayes, Edward (artist) [1 reference]

Deane, Silas (of Conn. and London) [3 references]

Deaths [80 subentries]

Debt [29 subentries]

Declaration of Independence [1 reference]

Dedham, Mass. [1 reference]

Delaware [4 references]

Delaware River [1 reference]

Delft, Netherlands [1 reference]

Denmark [1 reference]

Devonshire, England [5 subentries]

Diana (brig) [1 reference]

Diderot, Denis [1 subentry]

Dilly, Charles (London bookseller) [1 reference]

Disney, Rev. John (Brit. clergyman) [1 reference + 2 subentries]

Divorce [1 reference]

Doane, Elisha (of Cape Cod) [1 reference]

Doane, Isaiah (son of Elisha) [1 reference]

Dogs [4 references]

Domestic work [27 subentries]

Dominica, West Indies [3 references]

Doolittle, Amos (engraver) [1 subentry]

Dorchester, Guy Carleton, 1st Baron [6 references]

Dorchester, Mass. [2 references]

Dormer, Clement Cotterell (Brit. master of ceremonies at court) [1 subentry]

Dorset (Dorsett), Capt. F. (of the Thomas and Sally) [2 references]

Dover, England [2 references]

Downs, The, England [2 references]

Dracut, Mass. [1 reference]

Drayton, William (S.C. lawyer) [2 references + 1 subentry]

Drury, Luke (of Grafton) [3 references]

Duane, James (mayor of New York) [1 reference]

Dublin, Ireland [2 references]

Duer, Catherine Alexander (wife of William) [1 reference]

Duer, William (N.Y. merchant) [2 references + 1 subentry]

Dukes County, Mass. [1 reference]

Dumas, Anna (Nancy) [See redirect]

Dumas, Charles William Frederic (U.S. agent at The Hague) [8 subentries]

Dumas, Marie (wife of Charles) [2 references]

Duncan, Elizabeth [See redirect]

Durant, Cornelius (Boston merchant) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Durant, Maria Fenno (2d wife of Cornelius) [2 references]

Durant, Mary Tothill (1st wife of Cornelius) [1 subentry]

Durant family [1 reference]

Durfee, Thomas (of Freetown) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Dutch Reformed Church [1 reference]

Duxbury, Mass. [1 reference]

Dwight, Thomas (of Springfield) [1 reference]

Dwight, Rev. Timothy (of Conn.) [1 subentry]

Dyck, Anthony van (Flemish artist) [1 reference]