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“J” (pseudonym) [See redirect]

JA [See redirect]

JA Birthplace [See redirect]

Jackson, Jonathan (Newburyport merchant) [2 references]

Jackson, Maj. William (secy. to Washington) [1 reference]

Jackson, Mr. [1 reference]

Jacob, Giles [1 subentry]

Jacobins [11 subentries + 1 “see also” entry]

Jamaica, Long Island, N.Y. [3 references]

Jamaica, West Indies [2 references]

James (Adams family servant) [4 references + 1 subentry]

James I, King of England [1 reference]

James, Dr. Robert (Brit. physician) [1 subentry]

James, Capt. (of the Portland) [2 references]

Jarvis, Dr. Charles (of Boston) [5 subentries]

Jay, John (U.S. Supreme Court chief justice) [12 subentries]

Jay, Sarah Van Brugh Livingston (wife of John) [4 references]

Jebb, Ann Torkington (housekeeper for Thomas Brand Hollis) [2 references]

Jefferson, Thomas (U.S. secy. of state) [21 subentries]

Jeffery, Mary Wilkes Storke Hayley (wife of Patrick) [4 subentries]

Jeffery, Patrick (Boston merchant) [3 references + 1 subentry]

Jeffries, Hannah Hunt (wife of John) [1 subentry]

Jeffries, Dr. John (of Boston) [4 references]

Jemappes, Belgium [1 reference]

Jenings, Edmund (of Md.) [1 reference]

Jenkins, Michal (wife of Robert) [1 reference]

Jenkins, Robert (of Newburyport) [1 reference]

John Adams Birthplace [6 references + 1 “see also” entry]

John Quincy Adams Birthplace [4 references + 1 “see also” entry]

Johnson, Samuel [1 subentry]

Johnston, Robert (Penn. physician) [5 references + 1 subentry]

Johnstown, N.Y. [2 references]

Johonnot, Gabriel (Boston merchant) [1 reference]

Jones, Abigail Grant (wife of John Coffin) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Jones, Catherine (of Newburyport) [1 reference]

Jones, Henry William (Harvard student) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Jones, Dr. John (of Phila.) [2 references + 1 subentry]

Jones, John Coffin (Boston merchant) [1 reference]

Jones, Lucy (niece of Cotton Tufts) [1 reference]

Jones, Samuel (N.Y. lawyer) [1 subentry]

Jourdan, Madame (artist) [1 reference]

Joy, Abigail (wife of John) [1 reference]

Joy, John (of Braintree) [2 references]

JQA [See redirect]

JQA Birthplace [See redirect]

Judiciary, U.S. [4 subentries]