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Labrador [4 references]

Lafayette, Maj. Gen. Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de [21 subentries]

Lagau, Philippe Jean Joseph (French chargé d’affaires at Hamburg) [11 subentries]

La Harpe, Jean François de (French writer) [1 reference]

La Houze, Matthieu de Basquiat, Baron de (French minister to Denmark) [4 references]

Lake Erie [2 references]

Lake Huron [2 references]

Lake Nipissing [1 reference]

Lake of the Woods [3 references]

Lake Ontario [2 references]

Lake Superior [3 references]

La Lande & Fynje, de (Amsterdam banking firm) [3 references + 1 “see also” entry]

La Luzerne, Anne César, Chevalier de (French minister to U.S.) [11 subentries]

Lamberty, Sir John (Paris mercantile firm) [1 reference]

Lamotte, Jean L’Air de (secy. to Franklin) [4 references]

Lane, Son, & Frazer (London mercantile firm) [2 references]

La Rochefoucauld d’Anville, Louis Alexandre, Duc de (French writer) [3 references + 1 subentry]

Lassone, Joseph Marie François de (French surgeon) [1 reference + 2 subentries]

Latin language [4 references]

Laurens, Henry (of S.C.) [46 subentries]

Laurens, Henry, Jr. (son of Henry) [1 reference]

Laurens, Col. John (son of Henry) [6 subentries]

Laurens, Martha (daughter of Henry) [1 reference]

Lauwers River, Netherlands [1 reference]

La Vauguyon, Paul François de Quélen de Stuer de Causade, Duc de (French ambassador to the Netherlands) [22 subentries]

Law of nations [5 references]

Le Couteulx, Mr. [1 reference]

Le Couteulx & Co. (Paris bankers) [4 subentries]

Lee, Arthur (Va. member of Congress) [13 subentries]

Lee, Richard Henry (grandnephew of Arthur Lee) [1 subentry]

Lee, William (brother of Arthur) [28 subentries]

Lee-Neufville Treaty [3 references]

Leeuwarden, Société Bourgeoise of [7 subentries]

Le Havre de Grâce, France [2 references]

Leonard, Daniel (loyalist) [1 reference]

Leonidas (pseudonym) [See redirect]

Leopold I, Grand Duke of Tuscany (later Leopold II, German Emperor) [1 reference]

Lerambert, Louis (sculptor) [1 reference]

L’Escallier, Mr. (French intendant at Demerara) [1 reference]

Létombe, Philippe André Joseph de (French consul at Boston) [3 subentries]

Leuthold, Andreas (Swiss soldier) [1 subentry]

Leve, Eliaho (secy. to sultan of Morocco) [1 reference]

Lexington and Concord, Battles of [2 references]

Leyden, Netherlands [6 references]

Leyden, University of [1 reference]

Liberty (Amer. sloop) [1 reference]

Lincoln, Gen. Benjamin (U.S.) [8 subentries]

Lippincott, Capt. Richard (loyalist) [1 reference]

Liquier, Antoine (Naples merchant) [1 subentry]

Lisbon, Portugal [1 reference]

Literary characters [1 subentry]

Livingston, Robert R. (U.S. secy. for foreign affairs) [38 subentries]

Livingston, William (gov. of N.J.) [2 references]

Livy [1 reference]

Llano y de la Quadra, Sebastián de, Conde de Sanafé and Vizconde de Llano (Spanish minister to the Netherlands) [1 reference]

Loan consortium (Wilhem & Jan Willink, Nicolaas & Jacob van Staphorst, and De la Lande & Fynje) [35 subentries]

Loan office certificates [1 reference]

Loans, American states [2 subentries]

Loans, Dutch-American (1778, Horneca, Fizeaux & Co.) [1 reference]

Loans, Dutch-American (1781, guaranteed by France) [2 subentries]

Loans, Dutch-American (1781, Neufville) [3 subentries]

Loans, Dutch-American (1782, consortium) [14 subentries]

Loans, Franco-American (1777, Farmers General) [1 reference]

London, England [13 subentries]

London Chronicle [11 subentries]

London Courant and Westminster Chronicle [2 references]

London Gazette [1 reference]

Long Island, N.Y. [1 reference]

Long Lake [2 references]

Lorient, France [2 subentries]

Lottery [1 reference]

Louisiana [1 reference]

Louis XVI, King of France [8 subentries]

Lovell, James (former Mass. member of Congress) [2 references + 1 subentry]

Lowell, John (Mass. member of Congress) [1 reference + 1 subentry]

Loyalist Claims Commission [1 reference]

Loyalists [16 subentries]

Lübeck, Germany [6 references]

Luden & Co. (Amsterdam banking firm) [1 reference]

Lumber [1 reference]

Luzac, Jean (editor of Gazette de Leyde) [5 subentries]

Lynch, Mark (Nantes merchant) [3 references]

Lynden van Blitterswyck, Baron Dirk Wolder de (former Dutch envoy to Sweden) [4 subentries]